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What happens to the victim of someone who is bi-winning. Generally what happens when someone absolutely fails at life, for example, Season 1 Episode 10 on When Cheese Fails 101, a YouTube show about Starcraft 2. Bi-losing happens when someone is bi-winning so hard, and in math, you have to do what you did to one side of the equation to the other, so if someone bi-wins, another person has to bi-lose.


The only verb appropriate to describe how hard someone is failing.
Dude 1: Hey, I just got laid by 4 girls last night. What happened to you and that other girl?
Dude 2: I shit the bed and got rejected.
Dude 1: Looks like I'm bi-winning.
Dude 2: Damn, I'm bi-losing hard.
by Royce McMillan May 20, 2011
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