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"Crotchbleeder" is a denigrating term that refers to a woman working in a career field that is not traditional for females.
1. She used to be really nice to socialize with, until she took that job and, almost overnight, she became an insufferable crotchbleeder.

2. I know that she is a crotchbleeder, but, to be truthful, i like her anyway.
by Rook's Buddy May 09, 2010

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A tampon pusher is a woman in the later stages of her childbearing years. The term is very derogatory and denigrating. The title is often given to a woman who is in her mid-thirties or forties.
1. Yea, I know that my girlfriend is a tampon pusher, but she still cleans up pretty well.

2. Dude, scope out the hottie tampon pusher in that SUV!
by Rook's Buddy May 10, 2010

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A body condom is an imaginary device that one might wish they had when they break down and have sexual intercourse with a really filthy woman. Her vagina reeks, and you can be certain that she is a candidate for having multiple STDs. Unfortunately, you don't have a body condom, and you are really horny, so you don a normal condom and dive in, hoping for the best.
1. That bitch was really nasty. I fucked her, but really wish I had worn a body condom, for a bit more protection.

2. That infestation of pubic lice could have been prevented by using a body condom!
by Rook's Buddy May 10, 2010

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"Tar twat" is a derogatory term for a woman who smokes cigarettes excessively. Her smoking makes her whole body reek of nicotine, and negatively effects the odor of her vaginal cavity. Kissing her is like kissing an ashtray, and eating her pussy is like licking an ashtray.
1. I really like that woman, but I can't go down on her, because she is such a tar twat.

2. The BBW I've been fucking is really cool to be around, but she is a huge tar twat. I just can't eat her pussy, so i diddle her with my fingers instead.
by Rook's Buddy May 10, 2010

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A debasing and nasty term for a lesbian, "tampon troll" is synonymous with bull-dyke. A tampon troll can often be found in non-traditional careers and jobs for females, such as: Police Officer, security guard, airline pilot and Border Patrol Agent. Female military officers are often tampon trolls.

Missing a penis, the tampon troll is jealous of, and generally resentful of males.
1. Check out that tampon troll! She has her cigarettes rolled up in her shirt sleeve!
2. That tampon troll sure looks frightening when she wears that tool belt.
3. That cop that ticketed me for speeding was a nasty tampon troll. What a cunt! I bet she would not have cited me had I been an attractive woman.
by Rook's Buddy May 12, 2010

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An old term and endearing term for a flight attendant. "Sky Biscuit" is seldom used in modern times due to the age and general surliness of the typical modern flight attendant.
1. That sky biscuit is a real hottie! She must be new to the airline industry. Didn't she used to work at Hooters?

2. Old Captain to young First Officer: "We used to hire some real nice-looking sky biscuits, but now we only hire hags and fags."
by Rook's Buddy May 12, 2010

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A woman who is "flying the victory pennant" is having her menstrual period.

The term was used by the sailors who manned German submarines during the war. As they arrived back in port after a cruise, they would prominently display one red triangular flag, called a "victory pennant," for each ship that they sunk.

Synonymous with a woman being "on-the-rag."
1. I would have banged that bitch, but she was flying the victory pennant, so I had her masturbate me instead, and ejaculated in her mouth.

2. My girlfriend gets really horny when she's flying the victory pennant. It was good that we were at her place, because her bed linens were terribly stained by our fucking.

3. She told me that she her period had ended, but when I finished and pulled out, it looked like there had been a stabbing. I guess she was still flying the victory pennant.
by Rook's Buddy May 09, 2010

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