Term coined by Jet lead singer Nic Cester to describe Mary Boganson, a.k.a. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, a notorious aussie/eurotrash groupie and Posh Spice lookalike whom he met in a Copenhagen hotel while on tour.
Hey, she's a woman-foxxy-woman and I'm single!
by Miggly December 7, 2006
It comes from the song “Woman to woman” by Shirley Brown. It means that said man is cheating with someone else.

Hence why the song builds up to “ So woman to woman. I don't think it's being anymore than fair. Then to call you and let you know where I'm coming from” to explain to Barbara (from Shirley’s POV) that the man she’s seeing is already spoken for.
Natalie: Do you think Richard is attractive? He’s been flirting with me for a week now.

Janice: ..Woman to woman.. Richard is seeing someone for 6 years now.
by AsToldBy June 17, 2022