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A person, usually in their 20s, who likes indie music, alternative lifestyles, indie films, riding fixed gear bikes, and hanging out in bars and other places you probably never heard of.

An actual hipster doesn't go around saying things like "I'm so hipster" or "I'm such a hipster" because hipster isn't a thing to be or a subculture, a hipster just is, despite people who say hipsters spend their time trying composing their whole persona. Most don't.

Hipsters are not scene kids, as the generally don't listen to overly emotional music by scremo bands, they usually tend to listen to music by boring bands, mature bands, and experimental stuff. Even though the music can suck, it tops scene kid music any day.

Hipster style is usually outlandish, but ranges to plain an no flashy. Thick rim glasses, usually darker(not goth or emo dark) or earth tone clothes. Normalized colors, but outlandish way of dressing.

A hipster do not have wild hair, people get them confused with scene kids, hipsters usually wear hair that's less outlandish that scene kids, and they usually sport one solid color, unlike scene kids. And while they do, their hair still seems dirty, and less composed.

They also like vintage things, music, clothing items, video games, photographing, books, and even homes, vintage is a plus for hipsters.
Williamsburg New-York is fucking hipsters paradise. They're gentrifying Bedstuy by the day.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI October 10, 2010

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Money Goggles are what's make the hottest of chicks sleep with the douchiest, ugly, assholes, that have ever walked the earth. Money goggles are often times worn by female with no self respect and would sleep with or date a guy just based off that fact that he has money and may be giving it to her based off the fact that they're together.

Another side affect of money goggles is popularity/fame goggles, that make the ugliest men look good(see Gucci Mane, Pete Wentz, or Lil Wayne). Money or fame goggles blur a woman's sense of reality, when she only she's fame and fortune, it doesn't matter is the guy is ugly, or a douche, or both
Guy: Is that Ciara with Bryan?
Girl: Yeah he's an ugly douche, she's just dating him because he has money and he's popular.
Guy: Wow, Money Goggles would make a chick do anything.
Girl: Tell me about it
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI April 15, 2010

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Like a smoke break at , but instead of smoking you take your iPod and listen to a song you love to relieve the stress, like a cigarette does for a smoker.
Employee 1 - "Where's is Dave?"
Employee 2 - :"He went to take his daily iPod break, that what he does to relieve the stress from work, instead of smoking."
Employee 2- "Oh, weird."
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI May 14, 2010

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A disorder that usually hits when a person gets in their 40s, sometimes it can his as early as their 30s.

People with age amnesia forget that they've have ever been kids, teenagers, or 20somethings and start to criticize the current young population as if they themselves were never a child, teen, or 20something.

People suffering from age amnesia suffer from forgetting they themselves were once teens with raging hormones or noisy little bastards. This comes with a steep misunderstanding of the young, as sufferers of age amnesia have never been a child.
Middle Age Man - "Kids these days all they do is watch TV, smoke weed, and eat bad foods"

20something - "You were a hippie back then, didn't you do the same?"


20something - "Whatever man, you got that Age Amnesia"
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI November 05, 2010

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A fashion line that doesn't have shit to do with hipsters. Ed Hardy clothes are worn almost exclusively by college frat boy douchebags, Guidos, and other steroid addicted muscle heads who think they are the shit, hardcore and Ed Hardy supposedly reflects this for them. Also worn by the over-tanned girlfriends of douchebags.

No one in their right mine but scumbags and douchebags would wear Ed Hardy, since it's the tackiest thing to come along in 'fashion' since Bape
Pauly and Vinny wear Ed Hardy because they're pure assholes.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI October 14, 2011

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Is when you go days without the internet, and you start to feel bad/withdraw, because you don't have access to your Facebook, YouTube, or any other site that you frequent. It's commonly cause by a drop of service by an ISP.
Verizon is doing diagnostics on their internet in the Katie's area, they had to take the internet down for a day or two, now Katie is going through Internet Withdrawal.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI August 15, 2010

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A person put in place(hence 'Plant') to divert things. Plants are used to divert movements, plans, plots, or whatever an opposing force wants to stop. Using a plant is a clever way of destroying an opposing movment without seeming suspicious or have to get you hands dirty. Sometimes plants are sent my one group to an enemy group to act as if he/she is part of the enemy group and try to gain influence just to mess the group up, or make them look bad. If democrats wanted to make republicans bad, they could use a plant that fakes like a republican and tries to make republicans look bad, and in turn make the democrats look better, even though the plant is playing a part prompted by the democrats. Or say if you playing a competitive game, and the opposite team sends in a plant to your team, acting as a friend, but he/she is really there to mess your team up and divert it so that the other team(who placed the plant) wins.
Figures that Jason was a plant, it seemed as if his whole point was to disband our protest from the beginning.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI February 29, 2012

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