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Like a smoke break at , but instead of smoking you take your iPod and listen to a song you love to relieve the stress, like a cigarette does for a smoker.
Employee 1 - "Where's is Dave?"
Employee 2 - :"He went to take his daily iPod break, that what he does to relieve the stress from work, instead of smoking."
Employee 2- "Oh, weird."
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What most people call conformist is wrong. The conformist are people who try to fit in to any mainstream trend that is that status quo of the time. Like today many kids like Lil Wayne, and it's popular to like Lil Wayne, Hip-hop, or emo music(to a lesser extent). Anyone who's not abiding by the stat quo of popularity today is considered lame, and just because you conform to a smaller less popular group, that does not make you an conformist also.

Being a conformist in modern day sense means to like what ever is popular, and what the radio and channels like MTV and BET project as what today's teens or 20 somethings should be.

It's like any kid who likes Nirvana naturally is seen as uncool because they aren't conforming to today's widely popular music or trends.
Conformist- What are you listening to?
Non conformist - The Beatles
Conformist - I don't like that, you should be like the crowd and like Lil Wayne
Non conformist - Fuck off
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI January 30, 2010
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A person put in place(hence 'Plant') to divert things. Plants are used to divert movements, plans, plots, or whatever an opposing force wants to stop. Using a plant is a clever way of destroying an opposing movment without seeming suspicious or have to get you hands dirty. Sometimes plants are sent my one group to an enemy group to act as if he/she is part of the enemy group and try to gain influence just to mess the group up, or make them look bad. If democrats wanted to make republicans bad, they could use a plant that fakes like a republican and tries to make republicans look bad, and in turn make the democrats look better, even though the plant is playing a part prompted by the democrats. Or say if you playing a competitive game, and the opposite team sends in a plant to your team, acting as a friend, but he/she is really there to mess your team up and divert it so that the other team(who placed the plant) wins.
Figures that Jason was a plant, it seemed as if his whole point was to disband our protest from the beginning.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI February 29, 2012
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Is a portmanteau of the words "Wannabe" and "Japanese"

Specifically a White American Anime, or Japanese culture fan, though the definition has been expanded in recent years to include anyone of Western culture(no matter the race) who get hard ons for Japanese culture.

Weeaboos often want to be Japanese and hate Western culture in favor of Japanese, which often most have never even really experience irl, just from Anime. It's more of a phenomenon in gen y due to the fact that they came up in the anime boom, kick started primarily by Toonami, and hyper Japanese gaming of the mid 90s with Playstation.

They are often Anime addicted, and spend tons of money(or their parents money) on anime merchandise, including cosplay, whole DVD boxsets(imported a lot of the times) plushes, and and bad anime video games. They are often pretentious about it(the hardcore ones at least) and think that American animation is crap, not mature, or only uses "crude" art, ignoring the fact that there is nothing mature or realistic about most anime.

Most of the guy weeaboos think they're some kind of romantics, often swooning over anime girls and having no grip on reality because they think anime love is real, and coin themselves as "nice guys" that can't get girls because they're often on the friend line.
Ezra: Hey Steve, do you want to join anime club?

Steve: Nah man, it's full of pretentious weeaboos who look down on you if you like dubbed anime.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI July 26, 2010
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A hopper is a person (usually teens or tweens) who hangs out at places where there are a lot of stores and restaurants, usually they hang out on malls; they are often called mall hoppers because they hop(move) from mall to mall usually in 1 day.

They live and breath malls, they start trouble in malls, all they know is malls. Hoppers are usually mall-punk kids, mall-goths, emos, despite their supposed hate of consumerism they stand around malls all day and toss money at the hot-topic. Hoppers can also be preps, jocks, and gangsta kids also.

Another word for them is also "Mall Rat"
The hopper crowd Jenny, Steven, and Bryan spend all of their time going to all different malls everyday after school. They practically live in malls
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If the internet was the old west, than the Keyboard Cowboy is it's, well. . . Cowboy.

Keyboard Cowboys are the people you see bring lawlessness to the Internet, Cowboys behind their computer screen on tapping away at the Keyboards. Picking on people, submitting crazy definitions to UD. The bulk of Keyboard Cowboys are manifested in 4chan like an old smelly saloon for them to meet and discuss their antics. They are trolls, post gore, and taunt the shit out of people.

Also hackers
And the people behind Encyclopedia Dramatica.

I support keyboard cowboys
Dave is a hacker, steals, breaks the law, and does it all of the Internet. Dave is a Keyboard Cowboy
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI October 13, 2010
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Geek Chic is a recent (retarded) trend that has popped up everywhere. First starting with hipsters, but like everything hipsters do, it has gone mainstream. Everyone thinks they're a geek now because the have a Facebook or own a high tech phone. Geek Chic has nothing to to with actual geeks, seeing as real geeks could care less about fashion and a lot of them think it's a vapid hobby.

Geek Chic within it's self is an oxymoron and ironic twist of events by people who are generally not geeks, attractive men and women who want to act like geeks but don't actually have the passion for geeky hobbies or the intellect. Real geeks got picked on, and were proud to call themselves geeks because they could construct their own PCs or were very good at math or something, not because they spend massive abouts of times on Xbox play Call Of Duty or in some consumer electronic like an iPod or iPhone. Real geeks consider iPods and iPhones basic shit.
Kate is the most popular hottest chick in school yet she fakes like she's a geek in Geek Chic. Knows only basic stuff about tech, and is only an average student.

Many celebrities nowadays dress in Geek Chic because it's the hottest new trend, and are not really geeks.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI January 19, 2011
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