To have no ass at all
damn that girl has noassatall
pronounced na-sa-tall
by reggie August 13, 2003
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What it says. Having no gluteous maximus to speak of.
Did you see how much weight Susan has lost? Yeah, she has noassatall.
by XYankeeInMS October 29, 2009
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No Ass At all. A run on word of slang or of southern speach.
She has a bad case of "noassatall"
by JP Williams February 28, 2005
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A disease/disorder that roughly the majority of white, Asian, and a lot of Hispanic women suffer from. Some black women also suffer from noassatall, though it's a very small(and disappointing portion of black women.

It's when a woman has no booty at all just pure flat cakes. Some women are tricky with their noassatall and can take pictures to try and make it look as if they have ass, when they thought.

Some other tricks include women wear leggings, super tight jeans, or booty shorts to try and make it look like they have big butts. This is called the leggings illusion, when it looks like she has an ass from afar, but you get close and notice that she suffers from noassatall.

Cures for noassatall include butt implants, but pads(Nicki Minaj'ing it), or eating until you ass gets fat and that's not a real booty, just nasty fat cottage cheese ass. If you don't have an ass, you just don't.
Becky thinks those leggings make her ass look big, but we all knows she has noassatall.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI October 12, 2011
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