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A dead website, Facebook ate it's lunch.

Myspace launched in 2003, and got it's surge of popularity around 2005. It was good at first, but had it's problems, easy to hack, lack of care by the ones who ran it, asshole Myspace gangsters and scene kids galore.

Myspace popularity started to wane around 2007, as Facebook's popularity started to rise. Since Facebook was cleaner, didn't allow modification of it's profile pages, had the status updates, and generally kept out the annoying attention grabbing and the asshole antic(for a while).

Now days Myspace has dropped to around 30 something in the Alexa ranks, while Facebook is number 2 in the Alexa rank.

Myspace's plague of problems, and the drama that began to form around it can be said to have contributed to Myspace's fall. But their lack of care for updating anything useful on the site was a big problem, they neglected the Myspace Group pages, never fixed any major bugs or loopholes that allowed for hackers, and never responded quite well to help for users.

Thus their fall happened. Only people on there now are late people, scene kids, and maybe the Myspace gangstas.
Myspace was once a great website, but has now fallen to the feet of Facebook, due to Myspace's own incompetence.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI October 13, 2010

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The official game console of Generation Y. Behind the Wii in sales but above the PS3 in sales, making it the 2nd place console of the 7th gen of consoles. The 360 was released in 2005, and since then everyone and their mother has one of these damn things even if they don't have games for it.

It's a pretty good console, despite the Red Ring Of Death or RRoD and the fact the Microsoft charges you to even touch the button to power on the damn thing. The controller is great, and the online community is large and active but is nothing but a place for asshole 13 year olds and bro-dudes to spread their racist homophobic shit.

It's also the stoners console of choice, and where 3rd party games sell the best.
Xbox 360 might have many problems but is still a pretty good console.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI July 10, 2011

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Jesus Buddy is a person who is so buddied up with Jesus that it becomes annoying. Like Jesus is their personal bro, every other word from their mouth is Jesus. Their Facebook wall, quotes, religion section always has something religious in it.
Jonathan is an immense Jesus Buddy, all he talks about is Jesus
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI January 17, 2011

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Hot Topic is a store commonly found in many American malls, that sells kids alternative identities in the form of goth, emo, punk, and more recently of the hipster persuasion. Hot Topic at no point was "real", but I wouldn't call all who shop from there posers. Recently it has become worse than fake goth/hollywood satanist and has moved into the place where hype beast come to buy shirts to match their expensive limited edition tacky shoes. They sell pretty cool knick knacks, but not instead of being the store that sells to goth kids, emo's, or scene kids, they have moved into selling Justin Bieber, and other contemporary pop inspired crap.

Eventhough they still sell clothes for Manson or Linkin Park faux goth's, they have moved into more brighter and neutral shit, some of the stuff even looks like a goth's worse enemy, the American Eagle and Abercrombie.
A lot of poser's now days who want to look an outsider but still be popular, dress at the Hot Topic.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI August 15, 2010

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A store that sells clothing, and is actually not that bad despite what some people say about it. They sell CD's, band tees, and some pretty cool knick knacks accessories. Unlike Hollister, American Eagle, or Aeropostale, the sales associates aren't dicks, and despite appearance are pretty nice people.
I got to hot topic to get my band tees, and accessories.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI August 24, 2009

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The result of saying "me either" with broken English, where the words are separated and create a whole new word and sound. A unofficial slang word of sorts.
Guy 1 - Man, I can't stand this damn movie. Change the channel

Guy 2 - Meeva(me either) *changes the channel*
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI April 11, 2012

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Microsoft's foray into the PMP(personal media player) market, and a rival to Apple's iPod. The Zune was released in 2006, had a bigger screen than the iPod's of the time, was capable of playing FM radio, and played more music formats than the iPod.

Though at the time it was more advance than the best iPod at the time when it was released, the Zune failed to catch on due to bulky design, software(that was bad at first) and also the it wasn't that much better than the iPod. Apple also announced and released the iPhone and iPod Touch withing a year of Zune's time on the market, which also could have had an effect on Zune's sales and popularity.

In 2009 Microsoft released the Zune HD, which at the time had a clearer screen than the iPod Touch, and a way more sleek design, but lacked browser and app capabilities like the iPod Touch. The Zune HD has also had a bad time on the market.
The Zune is great brand of MP3 players, but has failed to catch on and defeat the iPod.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI June 26, 2011

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