56 definition by Robert Lanham, Author of Food Court Druids, Cherohonkees, and Other Creatures Unique to the Republic

Overly candid letter writers who reveal personal and/or demoralizing information in their uncensored diatribes
Tactless chroniclers who keep the family abreast on intimate topics

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Parasitic employees with no skills of their own who are great at delegating tasks to others
Lichens often face a dilemma when they overdelegate and in effect leave themselves with nothing to do.

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the office equivalent of the disgruntled coffee shop employee
Intelligent underachievers who feel their work environments are suppressive and prevent them from realizing their full creative potential.

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Back-to-the-earth parents who would rather their children find creative ways to express themselves than play competitive sports like soccer.
Kite-Flying Parents think that painting the top of an umbrella with festive finger paints or making bird feeders out of pinecones and peanut butter are activities that are better suited for children.

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No one is quite sure what he's laughing at, but as soon as the office has finally become quiet you can count on hearing his high-pitched tee hee hee
Some think the giggler has discovered the Warn button on Instant Messenger and this is the source of his joy.

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a boss with uncanny ability to discover creative solutions to problems just by having you around
The bossmosis was even generous enough to introduce your ideas to his superiors as his own.

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People who go to the gym to show off their bodies and get attention.
The makeup the stretchibitionist insists on wearing doesn't run and she never seems to break a sweat.

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