it means a selfless act an individual performs for no benefit of their own self... purely because of their good nature... like the "good samaritan"
i walked past a homeless man the other night. At first i walked past him and accross the road and then i thought no i cant do that so i walked accross to him and emptied all the coin out of ma wallet( about $10) and gave it to him and said lo after urself mate i will see u around

friend says afetr i do it.... oh my god u are so altruistic
by bollox87 May 10, 2006
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Rather it's a female or male (or other binary/non binary genders/classifications), one will not refuse an individual nor chase after them. Similar to Animal Love in which no matter who the owner (partner in this case) is, the pet (you) will love them until the next owner (partner).
Noun: X Person is an altruist when it comes to love. They don't care who it is, or if they stay or not.. That takes guts. I stay committed to one person.
by Gaara.paradise February 25, 2016
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When do something funny or leave something humorous where you are not present to witness the laughing of the audience.
Writing on a small piece of paper one of the following:

"Don't slouch"
"You've changed"
"Don't forget"

..and putting in a stranger's pocket when they are not looking.. they leave and you never see them find the note. This is Altruistic comedy... comedy for the benefit of others rather than the gratification of seeing the laughter.
by francoocnarf September 27, 2010
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Bablucopter, Team codetech. Birla Vidya Niketan - Saket - INDIA
And here the Altruist returns once again!
by CashlyCash November 19, 2022
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A finite group of Narcissists, using religion, politics, entertainment to forge a foundation of generosity or an appearance of helpfulness to produce credibility. All altruistic behaviors are purposed to produce narcissist supply. Entitlement, self aggrandizement, poor self control, and a complete lack of empathy, disregarding how behavior may have negative consequences to other people. As a rule all behavior is self purposed, all people are subjects to be used, and discarded when use is no longer functional to their purpose. Typically the discard follows with the possibility to be hovered in for recycling of Narcissist supply. Narcissus that are altruistic appear to be helpful to produce a large group of groupies that become potential flying monkeys.
I believe that the altruistic narcissist does good to get attention.
by nerverbeenstupid July 30, 2017
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