10 definitions by Rob D.

One of the greatest clothes stores in the world. Provides many different styles so you don't end up being a poser.
See:(Acronym)Hot Topic
I just got some extra baggy at Anchor Blue.
by Rob D. August 29, 2003
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The West Side of Petaluma, Califiornia.
We gonna bust up some party down the wesside!! p-town all up in it YO!!
by Rob D. December 3, 2003
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To deliberately perform at a lower level than you are capable of
He was sandbagging at practice, but kicked ass at the track meets.
by Rob D. October 19, 2003
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Spanish word for a sound beating of the soles of the feet.
Ay! Baastinado todos los dias Senor! Ayeeeeeeeeeee
by Rob D. December 30, 2004
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cheap, old, dirty, stinky meat type substance served in most homeless shelters in the tri-county area.
Can't a brotha get some mo chitlins?
by Rob D. August 23, 2003
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To consume excessively
Hey, stop bogartin' the pizza ya pig
by Rob D. September 28, 2003
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A Virus that rapes your computer hard until it breaks down and cries.
oooooh, it's so biiiiiiiiiig
by Rob D. August 29, 2003
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