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Also known as the Western World, the West is a broad term that encapsulates a sizeable group of countries that share, albeit loosely, similar philosophical, political and economic principles and origins. Countries generally considered to be Western include the US, Canada, and various Western European countries such as Britain, France, and Germany. Values that are synonymous with the West include capitalism, democracy, consumerism, globalization, liberalism, and secularism. Most western countries have fairly developed economies, having moved from industrial manufacturing to service and retail as the main industry. The rights and liberties of citizens living in Western countries are the most extensive in the world, and are generally regarded as progressive in comparison to countries of similar economic development.
Oppressed College Graduate: I'm tired of all the injustices in my country! The West is DEFINITELY not the best!
African and Middle Easterner: Lol. *dies of civil war*
by Stingy Meatballs January 21, 2018
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a sudden illness experienced on January 20, 2021 when you can’t go into work because you must celebrate the the swearing in of President Joe Biden & Vice-President Kamala Harris signaling the end of the 1460 day hostage situation otherwise known as the Trump Presidency & the defeat of the Potatriot Uprising of January 6, 2021.
I couldn’t go in Wednesday. I had the inauguvirus
by Sonicbo0mz January 21, 2021
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To ask to see or borrow something, then keep it.
The West:
Person 1: hey, can I see that real quick?
Person 2: Sure!
*2 weeks later*
Person 2: Can I have it back now?
Person 1: yeah hold on
by wolffmiester April 20, 2019
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