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A fat pink starfish
by Roastmasters July 24, 2009

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Where New Orleans used to be.
Water falls from the friking sky you friking dumby, get a life go outside.
by Roastmasters May 29, 2009

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Half Assed Humor Attempt
HAHA you're a whore!
by Roastmasters June 07, 2009

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The orange juice concentrate of all TV networks containing only 1% or less of what it's supposed to have.
MTV sucks
by Roastmasters May 17, 2009

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1- Some talentless man-bitch that is only popular because she is blonde, and has a pair of boobs.

2- The reason the music industry is dieing. When actual talent knocks on Opportunitys' door, Opportunity tells em' to get lost and winds up selling itself to some talentless puppet who relies on auto-tune and professional song writers to compose for her.
Why Is lady gaga popular?
by Roastmasters September 02, 2009

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An alibi
Because of the internet, everynight before bed, I hear a little girl's cry.
by Roastmasters May 17, 2009

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(n) The disposable apparatus used to catch the ejaculated semen after masturbating. Often a tissue or napkin.
Johnny had his fapnapkin by him at his bedside
by Roastmasters September 15, 2010

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