1. Attemptation always makes me swing one way or the other.
2. Being the master of attemptation that he is, he drew me back into the room without my consent or my refusal.
by takeachance July 12, 2005
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A short way of saying someone failed a suicide attempt

Usually used by the person who made the attempt but not always.
Person a: I haven’t seen Cassie in school lately

Person b: yeah, she attempted two weeks ago.
by Meme huntress December 9, 2018
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My class made many attemptions to complete their work.
by jhdw0316 October 1, 2009
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The run where Jan from PokemonChallenges (twitch.tv/PokemonChallenges) beat Pokemon Emerald Kaizo! Also known as the Mythical or Mew run, it produced a lot of Pokemon that were crucial to beating gym leaders, bosses, the Elite Four and Champion.
"Attempt 151 is the run."
"Yes it is!"
by Tritonist July 17, 2021
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the worse feeling to have is to wake up after hoping to die and thinking that you cant accomplish anything, even the death of yourself
wakes up

wishes to die
cant even do suicide attempt right
by depressedteen004 March 20, 2019
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To attempt to give a ladies pleasure parts some horizontal refreshment, only to discover that it is far to hairy and looks like Bob marley in a leglock, thus you calling a taxi and going home.
Bloke in pub: Here mate went for a beaver attempt with this lass last night only to discover i needed to get the council in to trim her bush.
by lenrod the 1st June 22, 2006
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A desperado attempt is where you would do almost anything to win. Normally used for gaming puposes. It's like breaking the fourth wall (by cheating) in order to win.
Say you are VS your friend in a fighting game. The desperado attempt would be if you would slam your shoulder into your friend so they would stop attacking you, and you kill them or even the odds for the win.
Kyle: Time for my Desperado Attempt!
*Hits Matt in the shin via foot*
Matt: Asshole!
Kyle: I finish the lap first, bitch!
by FWL January 6, 2008
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