L mean "loss" or "lose", depending on the context it is used in.
He just took that big L.
by EZ$niper June 28, 2016
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To lose, or to take a loss. The L comes from the word lose/ loss.
Me: Jermaine got beat up!
You: He took a L!
by Tvhj_ December 5, 2013
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Catching an L means catching a loss. In this sense, you catch an L if you say something stupid or, if you try to sound intelligent but are proved wrong.
1. Sarah says, "Has anyone ever noticed that "Santa" has the same letters as Satan? Isn't that weird? What are your thoughts?"
Cathy responds, "And Santa is also the word for Saint in many languages. And since the figure of Santa Claus is based off SAINT Nicholas, its not surprising. So nice try, but you failed."

In that case, Sarah caught an L because she tried to prove an invalid point.
by Nicole.x3 February 2, 2009
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L is a letter.
" I am stupid so I searched L on urban dictionary"
by L0ne_ February 28, 2017
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To simply lose. When things Do not go as planned or when one has no choice but to decline an invitation for an appealing event.
John: bro are you still coming out tonight. Smith: Naw wifey coming over, im gonna have to take a L tonight.
by Detroit playa January 1, 2013
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Tim took a huge L after i roasted him
by faze yaze July 5, 2016
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everyone's favorite insomniac edgy boi from death note (aka lawliet aka ryuzaki)who somehow doesn't have diabetes.
fangirl 1: "OML L is SOOOOO gay for Light Yagami!!!! "
fangirl 2:" Everyone knows that you kawaii dumbass"
by katsukibackyougo August 31, 2019
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