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Verb, present continuative tense of ming, q.v.

1. smelly
2. ugly
3. drunk, (usu. used in relating last night's events)
4. generally distasteful, Someone who is minging is also a minger, q.v.

This word is widely used in the North of England and Scotland.
"I went to the pub last night and it was so smokey, my clothes are minging!"
"He's thinks he looks great but he's minging."
"My mate's dog drank a whole bowlful of rum and he was minging!"
"Chuck that kebab out, it's minging!"
by Richie December 11, 2003
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guess wht newyork is alot bigger than la it has 8 million and with its suburbs its has 23 million la has 3 and sumthing million wit its subburbs it has 16 milion newyork is the biggest wow your dumb.
new york is the best city in the world.
by Richie January 3, 2005
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THE greatest person in the world. Smart and witty, funny and beautiful... She rocks so hard that everyone should want to be her.
OMG! Lyssie rocks so hard! I wish I was her!
by Richie December 9, 2004
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Descriptive noun. Short form of mongoloid.
Someone suffering mental handicap. Particularly Joey Deacon.
Precursor to meng, ming, minger q.v.
Passive racist term.
You mong.
by Richie December 11, 2003
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a n00b that gets pwned when playing CS
mocaiv pwns mottac with headshot
by Richie July 15, 2004
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Very good guitarist for Metallica. There are better though, like Vai, Satch, Petrucci though.
Kirk Hammett is a very good guitar player and can come up with great catchy solos.
by Richie January 5, 2004
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guess what dumb motha fucker i heard it was the safest city from your news wnep and you think long island isnt new york you cocksucker at least long island has housing projects in hempstead freeport roosevelt and other areas where the fuck are scrantons and why is scranton almost 100 percent white long island has 150,000 black and 150,000 spanish ppl thats more than the whole fucking city times like 4
so ha you say scrantons bad
scranton is all wiggers
by Richie April 21, 2005
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