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n. The rituals and rites, the gathering of things and the tying of shoes, that immediately preceed a walk.
I'm almost ready to go on a walk with you, but I'm going through my preamble and I can't find my shoes or my keys.
by whitoutadoubt June 27, 2011
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The music played at a venue before and during a band's set up.
1. I really like the preamble this place has selected.

2. Why does this place always play Reggae as its preamble?
by saynewkid August 04, 2009
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The constant talk and build up of near-future sex, usually from the male in a relationship, generally resulting in the female being a) annoyed, b) grossed out c) disinterested or d) any/all of a,b,c.
Bill is coming home early today. He called me with the preamble. Ew.

All this preamble is making me want to go eat a pizza instead of having sex.

Preamble pressure is the murderer of libido.
by SheLarry January 07, 2011
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