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1. female genitalia

2. a person regarded as effeminate, cowardly, thin-skinned, two-faced, and otherwise lacking a man-card

3. a loud blustering idiot so desperate for approval it physically hurts their...(see definition #1)
Why are you crying? It's just a paper cut, stop being such a Cheech.
by Lawrence of a Labia March 23, 2017
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Cheech is a term of affection. It is used between close friends. Being called cheech shows you are loved and valued. The term originates from Perth, Western Australia. More specifically from Chloe and co.
Hey cheech, how are ya?
by Rachdawg April 26, 2008
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Slang among physicians, especially those in training. In verb form, it refers to ordering every radiologic and lab test imaginable to diagnose a confounding (or at some institutions, not-so-confounding) illness. In noun form (also known as cheech-bomb), it refers to the panoply of tests itself.

For example the rheumatologic cheech (rheum cheech) may consist of ordering anti-ANA, anti dsDNA, anti-RO, anti-La, anti-histone, anti-scl70, RF, anti-RNP, complement, biopsies of the lungs/kidneys, imaging of the lungs/kidneys/brain.
I admitted a patient suspected of having lupus the other day, and the attending wanted me to order the rheum cheech.
by Mary Elizabeth Garrett January 26, 2008
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An alcoholic drink made of vodka, tonic water, and a lemon wedge. Tre Cool of Green Day got the recipe of "The Cheech" from, who else, Cheech Marin. Marin didn't have a name for it, so Tre named it himself, hence "The Cheech".
Do we have any vodka to make a Cheech?
by Tami July 21, 2005
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Another name for weed, or to smoke weed. Named from Cheech Marin (from cheech and chong)
Im outta cheech man, got a 20 bag?
You wanna go cheech before school?
by Dooooooooll February 22, 2006
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a really big joint made with at least 9 skins. guaranteed to get you fanjoed.
by stoopidgreg November 04, 2003
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