1. female genitalia

2. a person regarded as effeminate, cowardly, thin-skinned, two-faced, and otherwise lacking a man-card

3. a loud blustering idiot so desperate for approval it physically hurts their...(see definition #1)
Why are you crying? It's just a paper cut, stop being such a Cheech.
by Lawrence of a Labia March 23, 2017
An alcoholic drink made of vodka, tonic water, and a lemon wedge. Tre Cool of Green Day got the recipe of "The Cheech" from, who else, Cheech Marin. Marin didn't have a name for it, so Tre named it himself, hence "The Cheech".
Do we have any vodka to make a Cheech?
by Tami July 21, 2005
Another name for weed, or to smoke weed. Named from Cheech Marin (from cheech and chong)
Im outta cheech man, got a 20 bag?
You wanna go cheech before school?
by Dooooooooll February 22, 2006
a really big joint made with at least 9 skins. guaranteed to get you fanjoed.
by stoopidgreg November 4, 2003
Pronounced "chooooiieeech", this term refers to tall males with a dark complexion, generally Australians of European descent (predominately Greek or Italian). When referring to someone who is particularly identifiable as a cheech, this term may be used in conjunction with "full-blown" (ie. full-blown cheech). This kind of cheech is seen as a rarity and is often named 'Dion'.
Person 1: Oi Dion's full cheech ayy?
Person 2: Ye dude, he's full-blown cheech
by CoolDude420 January 27, 2014
To smoke every last little particle of marijuana plant matter out of a joint; sometimes going to extreme lengths to reap every last puff.
Johnny burnt his fingers trying to cheech that tiny roach, man. What a sad bastard.
by Peter K August 14, 2005