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The largest city and capital of Massachusetts. It is also the biggest metropolis in New England. One of America's oldest major cities, Boston is nicknamed "The Hub of the Universe".
Boston is popular for beer (more specifically Samuel Adams), the world-famous accent, Cheers, the all-black 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment (Civil War), Dennis Leary, the 2004 World Series Champions: The Boston Red Sox, and the popular 1970s-2000s arena rock band of the same name: Boston.
Boston would be a perfect city if it wasn't so liberal.
by Republican Warrior May 25, 2005

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Another fun nickname for a Democrat or a Liberal. This derives from the fact that many of them say stupid things without being able to back them up, and usually not thinking before they speak. They tend to stand up for stupid, pointless causes, such as gay marriage.
The lame-o-crats just can't seem to win an election.
by Republican Warrior May 13, 2005

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Misspelling the name of Our great president: George W. Bush. This is usually how quite a few morons who attack Bush and call him illiterate, a retard, a redneck, and a warmonger will actually spell it. Shows how much they know.
Calling the President stupid while spelling his name "Geroge W. Bush" is hypocritical.
by Republican Warrior February 26, 2005

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A semi-Communist; an ultra-liberal. People who may or may not support Anarchy. Usually hates the Republican Party and Conservatives, and typically despises George W. Bush (or George Bush).
Most Pinkos support Communism or Anarchy. They love to bash and hate anyone who isn't liberal or doesn't agree with their radical ideas.
by Republican Warrior April 22, 2005

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Better known as "Hanoi Jane". This is the bitch who actually went over to Northern Vietnam and gave aid to the enemy Communist soldiers. She also happens to be a liberal; what a suprise.
Hey, Hanoi Jane! I'm not very Fonda you!
by Republican Warrior April 16, 2005

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Something that I have in me; my not being or supporting homosexuality. It is great to be a straight (see heterosexual) and be a member of the moral majority!
I have hetero-pride and I voted YES on the same sex marriage amendment.
by Republican Warrior July 10, 2005

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A great man and the Republican Tennessean Senator who is currently the Senate majority leader. This doctor-turned-politician is also the same man who performed successful heart surgery on my grandfather.
Bill Frist is an awesome guy.
by Republican Warrior March 30, 2005

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