Highly ritualized branch of the Military that traded in its horses for HMMWVs and helicopters and its sabers for Anti-Tank Rocket Launchers and Machine Guns and have been tear assing around the world ever since. Dating back to the mongol invention of stirrups to allow men to fight from horseback, the cavalry has been and will continue to be the preminent fighting force on the battle field. Their speed, mobility, self-reliance, and combat effectivness has lead to their use as scouts leading every advance and as the rear guard covering every withdrawl. "First In, Last Out"
"The Cavalry is coming."
by "Yak" October 16, 2005
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A highly mobile army unit using vehicular transport, such as light armor, heavy armor, and helicopters.

Troops, horsemen, soldiers or warriors, who were trained to fight on horseback.

Also a very handsome, charming, brave, young man the ladies adore and the men befriend. His contagious chuckles and bright mesmerizing eyes are difficult to ignore.
"The Cavalry will decimate our enemy!"

"A cavalryman always takes good care of his mount"

"That Cav, (AKA Cavalry) is such a charmer."

"Save a horse, ride a Cavalrymen."
by GuardianSmoke October 11, 2012
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Melinda May, Agent of SHIELD. Calling her such will probably result in death.
Agent Kaminsky: If it isn't the Cavalry.

Melinda May: Kicks him in the stomach Don't ever call me that.
by Hecate_ June 30, 2014
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A solider that once fought on a horse or in an armored vehicle of sorts.
Cheers, love, the cavalry's here!
by DaDigDude December 2, 2016
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leet clan of bg. Old veterans since December 2002
Cavalry pwned WNx
by Shooteh March 22, 2004
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European brown bears harnessed and often bred for cavalry purposes. The Cossack riders of such bears are generally armed with long sabers and fully automatic assault rifles.
by nin hao ma? August 23, 2007
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Used to define nigga members of Air Cav. during the Vietnam War. Due to their low IQ they were barred from flying the Bell AH-1 Cobra or even the Bell UH-1 Iroquois(commonly referred to as Huey). However, they were often deployed as door-gunners as they were excellent marksmen having supplemented their diet in the South with hunting rabbits.
"You better not mess with me chump! I used to be a Cavalry Nigga"
"We better use explosives on this nigga, he's too good in a firefight and will cap our black asses"
by Unclecrazy October 5, 2022
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