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Something that I have in me; my not being or supporting homosexuality. It is great to be a straight (see heterosexual) and be a member of the moral majority!
I have hetero-pride and I voted YES on the same sex marriage amendment.
by Republican Warrior July 10, 2005
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A semi-Communist; an ultra-liberal. People who may or may not support Anarchy. Usually hates the Republican Party and Conservatives, and typically despises George W. Bush (or George Bush).
Most Pinkos support Communism or Anarchy. They love to bash and hate anyone who isn't liberal or doesn't agree with their radical ideas.
by Republican Warrior April 22, 2005
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A city that was once part of the Austrian-Hungarian Dual Monarchy Empire. The Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand was murdered here by a Serbian nationalist in 1914, and is one of major cause of the outbreak of World War I.
It was also here in the capital of Bosnia that the Serbian people have pushed out the Muslims many decades ago who have been hating them and oppressing them for centuries. Those towelheaded bastards aren't EVER going to be able to gain an official stronghold in Europe, and their definitely not going to have one in this city that produces some really beautiful girls.
Sarajevo is a pretty cool city. The Serbs are a strong people and there girls are gorgeous.
by Republican Warrior February 27, 2005
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A place that typically 18 year old high-school graduates go to, with the ages of people attending ranging from 18 to 22. The student levels go from freshman to senior. Colleges are numerous and located all over the world, especially in America and Europe. Some colleges are very large, though, and are known as universities.
College is usually a fun place, and a major lesson in life. However, there are plenty of jackasses and stuck-up bitches who try to ruin the experience. Though not in all cases or with every dormatory resident, drinking, smoking, blaring loud music, prank calls, etc, is frequent. In addition, the average college campus has a generally left-wing liberal atmosphere, and diversity seems to be of upmost importance above all else. Most Republicans, and many Christians, are judged and hated by a great majority of the other students.
I sure do hate all the drinking, drug use, and loud music that isn't even good blaring around midnight, as well as being judged and abused for my right-wing political affiliations, but all in all, I really love college.
by Republican Warrior March 24, 2005
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A great man and the Republican Tennessean Senator who is currently the Senate majority leader. This doctor-turned-politician is also the same man who performed successful heart surgery on my grandfather.
Bill Frist is an awesome guy.
by Republican Warrior March 30, 2005
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Another nickname and sometimes insult for the Confederate soldiers who fought for the South during the War of Rebellion from 1861-1865. See also Civil War. This name refers to how these people seceded from the Union. See also secession.
Line from the movie Glory: "You see, Secesh has to be swept away by the hand of God..."
by Republican Warrior May 2, 2005
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One of the greatest political commentators and analyzers of our time. Her name is also spelled as "Ann Coulter". Constantly barraged with attacks and insults because of her extreme-right opinions and views, this beautiful, blonde author of books like "Slander" and "How To Talk To A Liberal" is more intelligent and accurate than many people give her credit for.
Hate her or love her, Anne Coulter tells it like it is.
by Republican Warrior February 18, 2005
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