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1. The abbreviation for the (extremely awesome) Legend of Zelda series.
2. The character, princess Zelda, in above stated game.
3. Potentially, a girl's name.
1. Did you get the new Zelda game?
2. Dude 1:How far are you?
Dude 2:I'm at the part where you meet Zelda.
3. Zelda's coming to my house after school today.
by Rebecca Lyall April 15, 2005

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Short form for a woman who is attracted to other women physically, romantically, sexually, etc. See lesbian, homosexual
Kate loves Laura, she's a lez.
by Rebecca Lyall April 12, 2005

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1. A slang term for dexadrine, a medication for people with ADD/ADHD.

2. Another way of saying 'sexy'. Originated as a typo by a person who would like to be credited as 'Qpit'.
1. I have ADHD, so I take dexy every day.

2. Gerard Way is so dexy.
by Rebecca Lyall April 15, 2005

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A shirt with bright, contrasting colours that doesn't match anything. Hell, it doesn't even match itself.
Chris was wearing a loud shirt yesterday, it was lime green with pink and purple polka dots.
by Rebecca Lyall April 21, 2005

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A speako is kind of like a typo: you say the wrong thing by accident.
Kate: Brandon snapped my gender bracelet!
Lizzy: Don't you mean sex bracelet?
Kate: Oops, speako.
by Rebecca Lyall April 15, 2005

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An word with origins from a message board named ZeldaPower. It is an odd way of saying 'yes'.
Kate: Did you get the new CD by The Used?
Rebecca: Yuperoni
by Rebecca Lyall April 15, 2005

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A contest occasionally held by companies such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi. What you must do is under the cap of your drink, you must retreive the tab concealed under it. This is the difficult part. Many nails and pencils have been broken in this process. Best performed with scissors, keys, or a ballpoint pen. When retreived, the tab almost always says 'Please try again', although on occasion the looker-under-the-cap will win a free Pepsi/Coke/whatever product obtainable at most retail outlets. And on rare occasions, you might even win a big prize like concert tickets or an iPod. However, this is not very common.
Alexandra got a free Pepsi because she won the look under the cap contest.
by Rebecca Lyall May 25, 2005

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