Amazong. Meaning more than amazing. Often used to describe a person or one of their skills.
Person One: How was my dancing?
Person Two: It was amazong
by Gleeky Pleasures June 23, 2020
Amazong is similar to amazing, just with a bit more nazz
B1: Look at that mentally challenged cat B2.
B2: The one that is jumping from a rather tall building?
B1: Yes.
B2: Amazong
by PigMaster January 7, 2005
What was suppose to be the word "Amazing" but continually typed in wrong on the keyboard because the "I" and the "O" are so close together
"Kennedy you are so Amazong!!!"
by joshuareamazing February 4, 2010
A computer program which plays the game of Amazons.
Amazong is amazing!
by czechmate1 May 19, 2010
used to describe ones feelings towards something as being more than "amazing"
Person: "dude it would be amazing if i got extra credit in my high school science class"

Person's friend: "no dude! it would be AMAZONG if i got extra credit on my college final!!!"
by thebubbleninja February 12, 2011
Another way of saying amazing.

Supposedly coined by Qpit Brown
You got tickets to the U2 concert? Amazong!
by Rebecca Lyall April 16, 2005
comes from a misspelling of the word "amazing": An amazonian womans thong, usually unshaven vaginal hair that has been allowed to grow too long, thus looking like a thong. or can simply be an amazonian woman wearing an actual thong
dude, did you see that girls nasty Amazong?" "yeah man, it was nasty, she must've bee an amazonian!
by mangoman317 July 26, 2011