NOT the Hylian dude you play as with the green hat and tunic. The actual princess that you save.
Link, you must go find Princess Zelda!
by NattyPatty August 30, 2015
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An amazing name for a girl. She is super cool and is basically a princess warrior. Everyone should have a Zelda in there life.
Girl 1: Are you friends with Zelda?
Girl 2: No, but i wish i was
by i DONT WANT TO SAY MY REAL NAM December 19, 2013
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a) Game series created by Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto during the late 80's, based on a combination of Tolkienian fantasy and Dungeons and Dragons style exploration. This series is still going strong more than a decade later with it's latest release, "The Wind Waker".

b) Princess Zelda, the character of the series namesake, and weilder of the Triforce of Wisdom.
a) Anyone here played the Legend of Zelda?

b) Link must set off to rescue princess Zelda.
by hpk January 11, 2004
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A Link to the Past is the best game I've ever played, followed closely by Ocarina of Time.
by Kazaam December 20, 2004
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Absolutely, beyond a doubt, no questions asked, the GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIME EVER CREATED ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH! Anyone who hates Zelda sucks at life completely.
Have you played the new Zelda yet? It ROCKS!
by Keegster April 24, 2003
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If you know a girl called Zelda, you have literally been BLESSED. Zelda is one of the coolest, prettiest and smartest girls you will ever meet. She has a super good sense of humour, and probably likes the 2000s or dragons aesthetics too. She is also that girl who has a playlist dedicated to her favourite grunge throwbacks, and also wears SUPER cool clothes. Deep down, Zelda may have some tough problems that she struggles to deal with herself, but there is NEVER a moment where she won’t give up time of her day to help out her friends. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 2 in the afternoon or 4 in the morning, Zelda is ALWAYS there for you. Not only is she the funniest and most supportive girl you’ll meet, but she is absolutely STUNNING and literally everyone sees it but her. She is quite insecure, so she tends to think the worst of herself, but all the boys secretly are in love with her and all of the girls want to be her. She is not the most popular girl in the school, but everyone adores her. Zelda will be most likely shy and reserved when you first meet her, but when you get close to her you’ll wish you’d met her sooner and also probably realise there’s more to her than what you thought. She genuinely gets along with everyone, but having a Zelda as a best friend is all you could EVER need.
Girl 1: OMG! Who is that girl?
Girl 2: I don’t know, but I love her leopard print clothes!
Girl 3: THAT my friends, is Zelda
Girl 1 & 2 in sync: WOW
Girl2: I want to BE her!!!!
by Greenballsacks April 14, 2020
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