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1. Another name of hindu god Lord krishna
2. The rescuer of earth.
3. The recipient of praise from the lords
He is like Govinda, very mischievous and charming.
by fisherslayer February 19, 2011
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A male who is loved by all immensely but just doesn't realize it. He has the cheesiest grin ever and laughs at his own jokes most of the time -which is hilarious. Govinda's believe that they are from either Colombian or Mexican in heritage; however in reality it is quite the opposite and find themselves... are really from the Asian continent. He is gorgeous, romantic and very good with words -beware girls. Often describes himself as the famous footballer Neymar. He is actually a softy deep down and you can literally fall in love with his voice. Although, stay alert as Govinda's are often confused and tend to stray the wrong path; a likely possibility they will cheat. In such cases he turns to face God to find the answers and devotes himself to what his heart desires. When ought to be described in a couple words- super human flashes into the mind of his companion.
Girl 1- No way sis, did you just see that guy! Let go chat to him.
Girl 2- Woahh, you must be out of your mind, that's Govinda. He's already taken.
by S.Fehtli90 April 10, 2013
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A govinda is a stocky brownish creature sometimes mistaken for a hog but easily distinguished by its seeming lack of genitalia, rare for a member of the animal kingdom. However, lab reports utilizing high-powered microscopes have confirmed the existence of a penis in male govindas, making it the smallest discovered penis in modern history. Many animal rights groups advocate confining govindas strictly to zoos, because their utter lack of athleticism and self-motivation make it easy prey for nearly every carnivorous animal. Govindas’ diet consist of 6-8 large meals a day and it is not uncommon to witness a govinda consuming over 3 times their body weight in one sitting, or 750 lbs. Curiously, despite the fact that govindas are among the least active and most over-nourished animals, they tend to sleep just over 16 hours a day.
Tourist: Did that Govinda just get chased down by a sloth?
by slsk June 27, 2011
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