28.3 grams, a shit load of weed,often youll find that obtaining an ounce is harder than any other form,because small time dealers tend to like selling dimes and nics for the profit margine being way more in their favor.ifind an ounce in my area to cost from roughly 75$(most likely some bammer shit)
to up to 430$(some high quality shit thats most likely worth the price).
ay nigga u got an ounce of weed?"yeah my nig 300 $"...aw shit i aint got that much"dats iiight nigga just pay me back on da first,,,but if you dont imma pop yo ass cuz"
by w33dm@n420 November 14, 2007
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A meme that started on 4chan's music board /mu/. The original story is as follows:

>At a party
>Amazingly beautiful girl I had a huge beta crush on since forever is around
>She never notices me and never will
>Suddenly, a wild guitar appears
>Girl goes hyper, asks the guy who brought it to play it
>He stumbles trying to fondle the thing, clearly the guy has no clue
>Now's my chance, I actually play very well and I have a great singing voice
>Walk up to the guy, ask all smooth - "Excuse me, can I try it?"
>She gives me a definite look, I look back, definite something, god I can't believe I'm being so smooth
>She doesn't know I stalked her facebook, know how much she loves Wonderwall
>Guy gives me the guitar
>I take the guitar
>There's an ounce of weed taped to the back

Generally the format involves an unlikely story leading to a promising climax, but ends with an ounce of weed taped to something. Popular mutations of this regard an item being overpriced, the narrator inquiring about the item, and there being an ounce of weed taped to it. Sometimes the item does not function because the ounce of weed is taped inside of the item instead of outside, this is popular on the weapons board.
So I went to a car dealership, and noticed there was a car about $400 more than one that looked exactly like it. The salesman wouldn't tell me why either, they were even the same model. I checked both cars out, and they were part for part exactly the same. So I asked if i could take it for a test drive, and the salesman was a little hesitant. I get in and the car wont start, look in the exhaust pipe, ounce of weed taped in it.
by BmilTheLemen December 24, 2011
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