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n. A person who tends to space out often. He or she does not respond when directly spoken to. The space cadet is not necessarily a person of low intelligence or a heavy drug user, but rather one who is so easily lost in reverie that he or she loses all awareness of the surrounding physical world.
Don't bother trying to get her attention, she's being a space cadet.
by ginsoakedgirl July 23, 2004
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When people are in their own little world, constantly "spaced out" of their current surroundings and positions. Often associated with not paying attention, or confusion towards otherwise simple tasks.
"Listen Slick, I'm not going to repeat the story a 3rd time just because you're being a Space Cadet."
by ClubChamp March 16, 2015
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Someone who just spaces out all the time, usually when they should be doing something productive instead.
I was a Space-Cadet in history class, so I missed all the assignments and I'm going fail this stupid course!
by Shawn B. April 02, 2003
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Someone who is, or acts like a special ed. They are usually acting retarded and sayin stupid shit.
Us: You a space cadet
Evalyn: really?
Us: yea
Evalyn: Jeffery did you know that Iโ€™m a space cadet?
by Theysuckin.lil December 04, 2018
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Spacey. Spaces out and says things that are totally random. Someone who is not following what is going on because she is busy thinking about photography.
Jen is a Space Cadet! She never realizes whats going on!
by Jen Cheng! February 08, 2009
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