1. Boutta is slang for "about to", "about ta", etc...
1. I'm boutta slap the crap outta you ya jerk-wad!
by IrishDaddy2U April 12, 2010
When a man accidentally busts a nut in a girl whilst saying "RUH ROH RAGGY!" In a Scooby doo voice.
"Aye yo I'm boutta Scoob this bitch"
"Who the fuck put BOUTTA SCOOB in the chat?"
by Jonchman June 13, 2018
To enter a group chat, DM , room. Step in referring to a funny picture of someone walking.
1:*posts leg selfie* boUTTA STEP IN!
2: dam that boi is hot, boutta step in them DM's!
by Mynameiscay December 13, 2016
About to run, leave quickly, or get out of t(here)
Jake: "I went into the gas station restroom to pee and as soon as I stepped foot I was boutta bounce. It was so disgusting."
by Neutral Nandy August 15, 2017
a phrase commonly used when one is about to unleash a flurry of insults at someone who has just embarassed themselves , usually resulting in the domination (owning) of him/her.
Bill is obese.
the chair that Bill is sitting in breaks.

by Brownnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn September 29, 2009
Boutta-I'm about to

Stone- engage in a long string of insults that allows you to dominate your opponent aka OWN
Bob: 'i think david archuleta is a cool guy'

by Fanty September 29, 2009
A phrase that indicates someone is about to say something out of pocket. Most of the time this means a white guy is about to say the n-word
Yo I’m boutta say it… nigga
by HomieWildin March 20, 2022