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An affectionate "half-cuddle" whereby ya snuggle up beside da person and wrap yer arm around behind his/her waist. Ideal for public/formal/workplace settings where full-on chest-to-chest hugz might seem too forward, or for occasions like a cold day or a moving-crowd area where both of you hafta keep walking instead of stopping to embrace "properly".
Sideways-hugz can be just as satisfying to share as totally-face-to-face bear-hugz if both of you know dat you will be "snuggling properly" at a fairly-soon time.
by QuacksO December 07, 2019
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A.k.a. "sideways-hug" or "right-angle cuddle". It involves first standing next to the person whom you wish to canoodle with and using just one arm and hand to gently draw him over to you so that his chest is nestled against your side, afterwhich you affectionately tilt your head over against his and soothingly knead his back and shoulder-blades with your hand.
The sideways-snuggle can also loosely refer to a pleasurable position that you assume while canoodling with someone in bed; it's basically "half-spooning" the person, whereby you are turned on your side and nestling up against your lover, but he is either face-down or lying on his back, and so you are snuggling up to his side and have one arm (and often one leg, as well) affectionately draped over him. This "partial embrace" position is often employed during semi-hot weather, where the person still wants to cuddle wif you but would be too warm if he was totally spooning with you or fully nestling against you chest-to-chest.
by QuacksO August 18, 2018
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A toxic chemical that was sneakily added to OTC medications like Tylenol™ in the early '80's; its typical effect was to cause the meds’ consumers to frequently heave deep fretful inhalations and otherwise behave in a restless dissatisfied manner.
OTC meds are now “sealed for your protection”, but that doesn’t seem to stop some grumpy cantankerous individuals from exhibiting sighanide-like symptoms, anyway.
by QuacksO June 27, 2018
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The study of people's breathing-patterns to determine their sanity.
With all the irritable wheezing and puffing that cantankerously-deluded individuals often exhibit, a simple application of sighchology makes it obvious that said voluminously-respiring folks are indeed plumb loco.
by QuacksO June 05, 2019
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What you say to your helper-buddy shortly after starting out on a tedious task that has shown itself to be a lot more complicated, slow-progressing, and/or time-consuming than you'd originally expected, or to a delinquent or other emotionally/mentally-challenged client who is unable/unwilling to just give you simple straight answers.
Dr. Phil: Let's talk about your childhood.
Madea: (with cheeky cheerfulness) Let's talk about YOUR childhood.
Dr. Phil: Okay, let's try a different approach. Do you sleep well at night?
Madea (breezily): Do YOU sleep well at night?
Dr. Phil: Sigh... gonna be here a while!
by QuacksO October 20, 2018
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A desert region in coastal Egypt where people heave great wheezes of discontent.
Why anyone would wanna live in the arid region of the Sighnai Peninsula is beyond me --- I would think that I, too, would be rather noisily-huffy and out of sorts if I had to make my home there.
by QuacksO March 28, 2019
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A pneumatic-bellows-type device that is attached to a patient’s chest with Velcro straps, and is used to measure how deeply/evenly the patient is breathing.
If Ethan Couch had to lie still on a doctor’s exam-table for more than a few minutes, he would probably wear out the sighsmometer with all of his impatient wheezing and moaning about having to remain immobile for that long.
by QuacksO July 14, 2018
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