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A.) A fairly decent state to live in, although the lack of jobs.
2.) An excellent college football team that never seems to have a losing season.
D.) Where snow is not a big deal in May.
4.) A place with a decent music scene.
E.) Mexico's biggest fan, seeing as every company decides to move there.
A.) Yeah, Michigan's not bad, except I'm getting laid off next week.
2.) The Michigan Wolverines are number 5. Again.
D.) "Hello, it's May 3rd. today was a beautiful day, 75 and sunny. Tomorrow there's a slight chance of snow and highs in the twenties."
4.) "Did you check out that new band from Grand Rapids, Still Remains?"
"Yeah bro. They're so xmetalx. Woot."
E.)"2,000 jobs will be lost as yet another company moves down to Mexico, where they can pay workers 1/6th what they pay them now."
by Q-Tip McVicker August 11, 2004
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The best kind of belt you can have, awarded at Harvest Time if you can make the machine somehow spit out enough tickets for one. You possess all powers of 70's supergroup, Foreigner.
"Fryman, fill your eyes with, Double Vision! You've got stars in your eyes!"
"And touch the skies!"
"Those aren't the words Err."
by Q-Tip McVicker July 23, 2004
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The best insult around. The worst music around. No nu-metal bands are tolerable. They all suck. But it's good; it keeps those d-bags away from my music.
Kid A: Dude, want to go play 'Spot The Nu-Metal Kid'?
Kid B: Yeah...<walks into local mall> I win.
by Q-Tip McVicker January 21, 2005
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Nu-Hardcore is basically the subgenre of hardcore that sucks. Among the many, this is probably the worst. Acts like Atreyu fit this perfectly. Lame. Go listen to some 1998-metalcore like ZAO or Living Sacrifice, PLEASE.

(P.S., nu hardcore abuses breakdowns.)
Nu-Hardcore kid:
"Hey man, do you like hardcore?"
Not Nu-Hardcore kid:
Nu-Hardcore kid:
"Yeah, that new Atreyu is sweet."
Not Nu-Hardcore kid:
"Go die. I will end you."
by Q-Tip McVicker December 15, 2004
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A sweet Christian metalcore band, who rocks everyone's face off.
Dude, I put in Living Sacrifice's "The Hammering Process" CD, and my ears started bleeding from all the insanity. In a good way.
by Q-Tip McVicker July 06, 2004
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When someone else wants what's in your pocket..'nuff said.
"He wants what's in your pants. He's a pocket fisherman."
by Q-tip McVicker April 01, 2004
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A more intense version of drat, used in only the most intense situations.
Aww, double-drat! Somebody got on my AIM screen name. Tear.
by Q-Tip McVicker July 06, 2004
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