What cute people say when they are pissed off
by spanky spangler September 8, 2003
Used as a replacement for a much more offensive euphamism.
"Oh drat i lost my wallet"
by Notorious D.O.U.C.H.E. September 10, 2003
drat backwards spelling of tard.
Can be takin as an insult as another meaning of Tard or Retard.

also used has a mess up word. such as Damn it. or Fuckin a.
I just missed the bus.

Don't be a drat man...
by Li'l Freak March 17, 2008
Alternative synonym for the work fuck, and other words with fuck & various prefix and suffix.

Quite popular ussage on various internet blogs & humour websites.
"Drat you!"

"drat him up"

"That's dratting stupid"

"Drat the dratting dratters"
by Joetron September 6, 2009
drat - also known as "pills":. GRRRR! NAUGHTY! ......kinda!
www.sex.com! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
by daniel January 9, 2004