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Quarter-sized candy wafers that resemble Smarties.
"Do you have any Necco Wafers? They're good as shit.
by PyroLogiK December 18, 2003
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A toothpick with a menthol mint taste, usually found individually wrapped at restaurants and buffets.
"Hey man, after you pay the bill, grab me a pickmint out of the dispenser."
by PyroLogiK March 4, 2005
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A hair softening and straightening product. Usually a "leave-in liquid", this product is designed with no petrolatum products and only natural oils to soften hair from the follicle to (often split) ends. Designed for African-Americans, it is also an excellent facial hair conditioner for anyone with rough beard or facial hair. The fragrance is mild and pleasant. It is not greasy, and although it will wash off of your hands quite easily, it's effects do not wash off during showering or normal washing. It was effective on a neglected beard with split ends and a high degree of product abuse which made the hairs dry and brittle.
I couldn't find facial hair conditioner so I tried Hair Mayonnaise. Best stuff ever, and I'm soft as ever.
by PyroLogiK January 6, 2008
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An often strong liquor, usually clear but with a strong smell, much like rubbing alcohol. Sold under brands like Gordon's 'London Dry Gin' and Bombay 'Sapphire'. Often used to escape life temporarily or make high skool more interesting.
I took 6 shots of gin before skool, and it was the best day ever!
by PyroLogiK December 18, 2003
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Mayonnaise packets obtained at Chick-Fil-A restaurants.
May be improperly referred to as Chick-Fil-Mayo.
Parking at Chick-Fil-A, I told my friend not to forget to grab as much Chick-Fil-Ayonnaise as he could without attracting looks. I always get my money's worth at fast food establishments.
by PyroLogiK August 28, 2007
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A chicken sandwich, originally from the restaurant Chick-Fil-A. Circa: Mid to late 90s.
"I am SO baked, we gotta roll up Belair road to the Chick-Fil-A for a bag o' chickwiches!"
by PyroLogiK March 4, 2005
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See Chode. A play on the word Totem Pole, those big carved wood poles Native Americans carve into designs.
There's this kid in my homeroom and we call him chodem pole and also bet that he has a chodem pole.
by PyroLogiK December 18, 2003
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