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A vernacular term for the 2mg bar shaped Xanax (alprazolam) tablets used and abused by teens & adults alike.
Yo, you need any footballs? No, but I'll take some Totem Poles if you got 'em.


That girl just ate 3 Totem Poles, she's not gonna remember shit tomorrow.
by snaker02 June 19, 2009
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a stacked xanax bar (z-bars) with four sections.
What are you going to do tonight? I am gonna eat some totem poles and get wasted.
by dgag October 07, 2003
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Stacking and having sex with two midgets (preferably twins) while standing. One midget stands on the other's shoulders. You are making out with the top midget while the bottom one gives you head.
I was wasted last night on Carman 6 and the RA walked in on me totem poling these two bitches.

I saw these two midget twins and thought "I am so gonna totem pole these bitches".
by rajietits April 23, 2010
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The act of group suicide by stacking each other's heads on-top of eachother and shooting a single bullet through all participants heads going from the bottom up through the top
Did you hear about the 25 guys on the men's dungeons and dragons team that all totempoled themselves. What a tragedy.
by Irish-frenchman November 12, 2018
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When at least five gay (or curious) guys watch a movie on a couch and enter each other by sitting on one another's laps. Being the bottom of the totem pole is the straightest position, whereas the top is the gayest. Basically a vertical train.
Hey guys, lets watch wanted with no pant on... TOTEM POLE, I get to be bottom!
by Mitey Fulkron December 19, 2008
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The act of pooping, where a single log of poop touches the bowl of the toilet while still attached to the anus.
Johnny was in the bathroom stall when all of a sudden he yelled out 'TOTEM POLE' after having accomplished the mega log from butt to bowl in 1 piece.
by Scott Munsie December 18, 2007
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