A self proclaimed a "good girl". Likes to have a good time with older gentleman. The kind of girl you stay up at night thinking about. Extremely beautiful and smart. Ticklish all over!
Hey Faber get you're fine as back to bed;).
by awc07 February 26, 2013
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A boy/man who will cry, and be mad at you.
You're such a Faber.

One time a boy stepped on another boy's shoe so the boy began to cry.
One who doesn't get it way and will stay mad at you for a week.
by LordMasterB May 10, 2022
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One who is a Marijuana fiend. Absolutely loves marijuana and it's consumption
Dude stop being a Faber and hogging the weed!
by The Stoner Kid May 19, 2009
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A being with an ass that is so gay and large that one cannot fathom.
Where is Faber's gay ass?
by m69t69n69t69 August 3, 2010
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One who excels at playing video games, being lazy, being a dumbass, and quoting stuff like "Family Guy," "DBZ," and "Celebrity Jeapordy." Often preyed upon by Darrilynn(s) and befriended by Kolenosky(ies).
Faber, get a life!
by aperturevx December 8, 2008
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A skin colour that makes you think someone is of a mixed race...but isn't.
you: Has he got, like, mixed parents or something
me: Nah hes just Faber
by mr_lister October 31, 2006
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the act of being a dumbass
"Your so faber, just stfu!"
by Seashell January 8, 2008
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