1. ATV is an acronym for All The vibes that describes anything that puts you in a good mood.
2. Originally created by Jahairaa Machado and Brianna Otañez. It is now used to describe anything that instantly makes you feel happy.
“This song is #ATV, go listen!”
“That mirror is so #ATV”
by whatsATV July 17, 2020
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Ass To Vagina penetration. A common sequence of events in pornographic movies, however the films do not show the necessary cleaning procedures needed so that nuggets of shit do not end up in the uterus. Also a good technique to employ on a bar sluts to give them vaginal infections.
I spent all weekend ATVing with your mother, it was rather muddy.
by Poopydick Johnson December 9, 2008
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An ATV also known as quad is a really cool 4-wheel bike that is all terrain (you can go everywhere with it, water, mud, snow, ice,etc). Lately it has been pimped a lot, so get ready to see ATV's with cool shinning wheels or built-in turbos.
"Lets go to the mountains tomorrow, I gotta try my new ATV"

"Dude, your ATV rocks, where did u get those wheels"
by The PB December 7, 2004
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Possibly one of the greatest vehicles! Commonly involved with a redneck but is used by mostly everyone with the exception of the tree hugging hippies. Often used for muddin or to take for a ride anywhere.
Girl 1: Lets go out muddin today, Momma says i cant use the truck so ive only go the ATV.

girl 2: okay lets piss off some of those creepy tree huggin hippie assholes!
by Amanda Nicole. November 5, 2008
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A four wheeled vehicle ridden by bullies who think they have the right to ride wherever they want, trespass, and assault anyone and anything that gets in their way. Used by assholes to destroy private property, private roads, and the environment. Supported by most states because they make money off of registration and of course, the states don't really care about protecting the environment, but they will take your money for "conservation" so they can give more grants to ATV clubs to build more trails.
The wardens refuse to enforce the ATV laws to protect landowners from trespassing ATVs.
by Lacey Sloan September 14, 2007
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noun \ˌā-(ˌ)tē-ˈvē\

See also : "Quad". A word pertaining to an all terrain, off-road vehicle. Similar to a 'dirt bike' but with two extra lateral wheels to provide stability for those unable to balance, with no cognitive ability, or per-occupied by outside influence; such as objects inserted into mouth, or anus.

Synonyms: Quad bike, Fag bike, homosexual erotica gas powered vibrator.
(Rick) Will we be taking the ATV's to the mud hole today? (Jon) No, Sorry, my ass is too sore from riding there last night.
by Long Jonson April 3, 2016
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Among the most ecologically destructive devices ever invented. They bring ruin to natural areas, destroying thousands of native plant and animal species, tear up cropland (in case you don't remember that's what keeps us from starving to death) and otherwise cause severe amounts of soil erosion (which in turn degrades the water quality and aquatic habitat). For these reasons they are especially attractive to rednecks and other irresponsable people.
Tax dollars are wasted repairing the damage caused by ATVs.
There have been cases of arguments where ATV riders have actually killed farmers & property owners.
ATVs will probably destroy our country, not that the evangelicals care. They don't think our planet will be around in another 20 years anyway.
by Miskatonic Jack 2 April 24, 2007
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