An annoying fat chick who lies about things and constantly ditches hangouts.
Pumba: Sorry guys, my tummy hurts tonyte, hbw hangout later k?

Pumba: GAHAHAHAHAHAHA* (annoying harpy cackle that destroys your eardrums)

by The Biracial Menace December 26, 2011
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Pumba is not only the name of the warthog in the Disney movie The Lion King, but is also a name referring to a person.
The name Pumba is a code name for a small town drug dealer in the United States who ended up spreading his name through illegal deals. Pumba has been known to sell items such as stolen watches, phones, cars, bootleg dvds (illegally burned movies), knives, guns, and even condoms. He is more well known for the selling of illegal drugs. One of his most well known drugs is African Warthog, a very strong marijuana.
"Hey. Check out Pumba over there. He be selling that strong s***."
by Pumba (M.J.L.) March 26, 2010
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A person that is bigger than you that will listen to all of your dumb ideas and help you with them without complaining about it.
Me: Hey Pumba let us go start a business.

Pumba:Hmm ok.
*2 weeks later the new business building is on fire and Pumba rescues me from the building*
Me: wow that back fired....however I have another idea
Pumba: lets get to it.
by Michael Titus April 20, 2010
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Pumba is the opposite to the word Bamboolah. (see Bamboolah. Bamboolah being a word pointing out someone exceptionally beautiful or fit, Pumba is a word that aptly points out someone not so easy on the eye or Grotesque.

The word Pumba derives from ''the lion king'' with Pumba being the disgustingly ugly and fat animal, thus relating to the not so pretty subject in question.
Jonny that girl over there, why does Bamboolah always have to come with a 'Pumba' friend?

Nobby sorry to tell you but that 'Pumba' is your girlfriend.
by Nobby Davies March 21, 2006
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A really large(fat ass) kid that gets wasted and can not speak english and yells "Get Drunk," constantly.
Tell Pumba to shut his fat mouth!!!
by Steven Perry November 8, 2003
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A word not having much of a meaning but is a good silence ender. Not to be confused with the worthog on the lion king, you prounounce pumba with a long a at the end.
Me: Hey whats up?
Allyson: Pumba!!
Me: You make no sense!
Allyson: Im gay! Are you?
by wtfgurl January 15, 2006
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