31 definition by Pipe Downn

Someone too dumb too inhale.
"Paramedic! Ex-president Bush seems to be staggering as he walks, and turning intermittently blue-white."

"That's quite normal, sir. He's an oxymoron."
by Pipe Downn December 09, 2013

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A public figure who is extremely forward and extremely backward at the same time.
Dude 1: Fuck me, what is Glenn Beck all about? You'd think someone that stupid would keep quiet about it, but he's one of the loudest mofos in existence.

Dude 2: It's simple, he's a palin drome. The more backward they are, the more forward they get.
by Pipe Downn June 13, 2011

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Someone who has smoked so much crack that they forgot what a black racist sounds like.
To a PC idiot, the word "nigger" is racist and unacceptable, while the word "cracker" is 'ebonics' and 'valid'.

But in reality, the mindset that looks on all black people as slaves is the SAME MINDSET that looks on all white people as slave-drivers.

That's what "racism" means, folks.
by Pipe Downn January 26, 2009

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A "mullet over" is the use of a mullet wig by someone who has had their head shaved and later regretted it.

This particular hairstyle is favoured because a "mullet" haircut resembles a kind of insane wig in any case. Thus the wig is assumed by the casual observer to be an actual mullet.

If a mullet wig is locally unavailable, a deceased animal such as a gopher or beaver may be draped over the shaven cranium as a substitute.
Josh: Wow, you look crazy!
Ger: Yeah, I passed out at a party last night and my friends shaved my head.
Josh: Ha! So what are you gonna do?
Ger: Well, I reckon I'll just - mullet over.

(Ger smiles at the camera and produces a "Fruit of the Loomis"-brand mullet wig.)
by Pipe Downn October 22, 2011

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What people say when caught in the act of doing something ludicrously stupid or otherwise wack.

It implies that the criticism their acts receive is due not to their own stupidity and naffness, but instead to some unexplained enmity on the part of whoever points it out.
Cornell is walking along the street with a set of clunky gold caps on his teeth, rendering himself almost unable to speak.

Bystander: What the fuck is that idiot doing with those pieces of metal in his mouth?

Cornell: Haters gonna hate

Bystander: Wait - now your trousers have fallen down completely!

Cornell: Haters gonna hate, fule, haters gonna hate
by Pipe Downn June 12, 2011

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Term used by visionless people for the groundbreaking ideas that will shape the future.
What? A box that can carry voices on a wire to another box on the other side of the world? Dude, that is just mental masturbation.
by Pipe Downn March 19, 2013

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A bottom which is naughty.

Used particularly in the context of flatulence.
(Gentleman breaks wind)

Gent: Oh BAD ASS!!! BAD ASS!!!

(Gent spanks self on posterior: not hard enough to cause permanent dysfunction, but firmly enough to punish.)
by Pipe Downn October 09, 2008

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