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1) To get hit by something and go flying at very high speeds.

2) To get hit by something
I'll punt him into a wall if I ever see him again.
by Time & Relevant Queef in Space December 18, 2018
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To have a bet.
John: I have a feeling QPR will beat Man U today.
Alex: At 14/1, it's worth a punt!
by Top Tipster January 10, 2013
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To kick an object as far and hard as possible
by bob bmac August 29, 2006
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(MIT slang) (1) To skip class (2) To avoid doing work. Ant: tool.
by Anonymous November 07, 2003
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1. when you are on 3 out of 4 chances (downs) in football. your team has the ball and you want to score a touchdown. you have 4 total chances to go 10 yards. if you do, you get 4 more chances (back to first down)!! you can get closer to the goal line! if you don’t the other team gets the ball, right there. so, maybe with your last attempt you kick it as far back as you can to put space between the other team and their goal - that’s a punt. sure, its a good bet. but, if you only have like, one yard left, maybe you take the chance and go for it. going for it is the opposite of punting, it’s the opposite, going for it, get it. teams that go for it make the game exciting
2. derogatory name for a guy who leads someone on then pusses out because, he doesn’t want to try that hard. he knows he’ll get the ball back eventually. he’ll try again then.
football guy: they are stopping us at every attempt! we need 16 yards to the next first down and we’re ahead by 30 points
offense coach: bring out the kicker it’s a punt

dude: joe has it in the bag with that girl, he gives her all kind of presents, takes her on dates, even serenaded her at the pep rally

other dude: nah dog, he lost interest and now he likes sally

that girl to her friends: joe you stupid punt
by williet hughnot December 30, 2019
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The official currency of the Republic of Ireland prior to the comming of the Euro. People usually referred to them as pounds as the official name was technically the Irish for 'pound', as a result the official name was more commonly used when speaking Irish.
Tá cúig phunt agam. (I have five punts)
by Waraddict October 29, 2006
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