1) To get hit by something and go flying at very high speeds.

2) To get hit by something
I'll punt him into a wall if I ever see him again.
by Time & Relevant Queef in Space December 18, 2018
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To put something off until much later. Figuratively, to kick the ball down the field.
My customer wants both new features added now but we'll have to punt on that one.
by uxwonk May 28, 2020
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To fail miserably
I punted that test last week
by Wings0298 March 19, 2010
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Noun: A flat-bottomed boat, ideal for exploring the Rivers Cherwell and Isis. Can carry 5 or 6 passengers, and ought to be stocked with champagne, Pimm's, chocolates and strawberries prior to departure.

Verb: To spend a period of time - ideally an afternoon - in such a vessel. (Generally used as a gerund.)
College finally bought a punt, so we needn't wait in line with the tourists this weekend.

What a lovely afternoon, let's go punting!
by DreamingSpires August 30, 2004
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(1.) verb - To pass a smoking device without taking a hit from it.
(1.) John punted, deciding not to take another hit of Mary's fine 'tobacco'.
by the specter August 5, 2007
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Busting huge airs whilst engaging in the act of surfing.
Corey Lopez throws down mad punts every time he gets in the lineup.
by Ranger Mike April 1, 2009
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A form of Irish currency no longer in use.
It's a shame the Punt was swapped for the Euro.
by A. Snuffliff March 9, 2015
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