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1. A lively dance.
2. When someone gets fired after a very short tenure due to ridiculous behavior. Usually used with the verb 'to do'.
John: Did you hear about Scaramucci?

Bill: Scaramucci? Scaramucci?
John: Yes. He did the fandango.
by Elemence23 August 01, 2017
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Trying hard to be cool, in an ostentatioius or overly obvious way, usually with style of dress but also can include mannerisms or behavior.
Man, look at the fandango outfit that he's wearing -- it's pathetic. Did he have to go for the sequins, too?
by Golf maven May 07, 2005
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(noun) A self absorbed narcissist who appears to have little self awareness of his/her own irregular personality. These individuals have been known to show up uninvited to private settings while inebriated exhibiting socially taboo and faux pas behavior. Completely oblivious to polite hints given by individuals of the opposite gender to leave, a fandango will try to hold out hope that he can save a situation and earn the affection of others despite the obvious. Physical force may have to be used to remove a fandango from social settings where he/she is unwelcome. Typical behavior associated with a fandango may include a overwhelming need to tell others about his/her exploits (sexual, social, professional) while under the guise of being reluctant to do so, exhibit behavior more commonly associated with that of a beaten down dog, show signs of extreme perversion and deviancy, and relentless pursuit of married individuals despite numerous rebuts and rejections. They are a persistent and hardy breed; the common polite rejection often falls by the way side.
That fandango followed those two girls home last night to make sure they got home ok. Once at their house, he refused to leave. He promptly returned unannounced in the morning to make sure they were ok.
by uncleD0LAN March 07, 2017
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Provokative spanish courtship dance for a man and woman
We skipped the light Fandango and turned cartwheels....
by Anonymous June 03, 2003
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1.Fan Dango: The ability to coerce people in logical platitudes of demise
2.A feather used to arouse the lady bits of nobles and certain breeds of cat in the early seventeen hundreds
3. A party consisting of no less than two males but no more than five and no less than three females but no more than seven
Yo I got that bitch with my grim fan dango
Who has been using my fan dango???
Hey man Im totally diggging this fan dango man, its fucking awesome
by clichedguy February 05, 2005
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