The buffet style dining hall of Vassar college that everyone has a love-hate relationship with.
I just had lunch at the Deece because I'm out of Retreat points. My omelette was nasty and now I have a tummy ache and I have to run across campus to class.
by thevassarstudent December 06, 2009
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a slang word for something that you like or appreciate.

Use of the word is similar to the words "cool" or "excellent" and it comes from the root word "decent".

An alternate spelling is dece, but the spelling with the extra "e" in deece is typically used to reflect a higher degree of satisfaction. In this form it is pronounced with an extended center long ee sound.
Friend1: "I was playing a round of
disc golf yesterday and I aced hole 9."

Friend2: "deece!"
by Zwicke January 24, 2005
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abreviation of decent
well, guys, that movie was deece, but i really liked the hot chick in the begining.
by scarlet ashbury November 18, 2006
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Comes from the word decent. Usually ambiguous as to what the correct context is, seemingly anything can be deece. Deece is a fringe word, only used and understood by a few people and to everyone else its a source of cunfusion.
Guy 1: Have you heard my new dance mix? I think its pretty deece!

Guy 2: Dude stop saying that! I don't know what it means and it'll never catch on!

Guy 1: That is soooooo not deece
by jimmyjoe96 May 10, 2010
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