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A nasty person. Used in Australia and UK as a synonym for bastard (but a really bad one).
My boss made me stay back at work on my birthday. He's a real cunt.
by petey March 04, 2005

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Greatest boxer of all time
"The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses, behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights."
by petey November 23, 2003

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A term of endearment between males (Australia) esp. 'Old cunt'
Ow are ya you old cunt?
(How are you?)
by petey March 04, 2005

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the universal cuss word, everyone says it, and preachers say it in church, so it can fit in pretty much any sentence
Damn, this sucks
Damn, this is shitty food
or just... DAMN!
by Petey December 07, 2003

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a real bar off.
if some one says a realy stupid comment, then you say oh ok, can also be used if not really listening to what some one says, then they expect an answer and you dont know whether they said something funny or sad.
1) i like fish
oh ok (u fuking retard)
2) my mum died
oh ok
3) and then he said wallaboo....hahaha
oh ok
by petey May 20, 2003

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1) An act of complete destruction through fire, as popularized by the web cartoon Homestar Runner by the character Trogdor the Burninator.

Similar bastardizations occur when changing tenses, or from noun to verb: c.f., "burninator", "burninate", et cetera.

2) The title of a movie at www.toydestruction.com, which is the first result in a google search for "burnination". The movie features a pink-and-grey furby being doused with white gas and then being lit on fire.
Trogdor ran through the country side and burninated the villages. There was complete burnination.

2) Burnination was given four out of five stars in the repetoire of Toy Destruction movies.
by Petey November 11, 2004

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a girl with red pubic hair or a girl with red hair, thus suspected of the same attributes downstairs
Also known as chutters
have you seen that girl alexandra?
who the chutney muff?
by Petey May 18, 2003

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