1. A man who is attracted to both genders
2. A man who is willing to have sex with both another man and a woman, and possibly even at the same time.
3. The sexuality where a man can share emotional love for both a woman and another man.
4. The male sexuality that is underappreciated by society.
I am a female that likes bisexual men. ;)
by raspberry (lust) muffin June 5, 2005
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said by Bilzo in the halloween stream by Tubbo.

Tommy: "I want it up the ass"
Tubbo: " Why would you want it up the ass"
Tommy: "Bilzo take it away"
Bilzo: "As a bisexual man..."
by Uhhlinds November 11, 2021
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When on a Tubbo twitch stream Tubbo asked:

"why would you want a cricket up the ass though?"

Tommy said:
"Billzo take it away"
And Billzo continued:
*exhale* "Well... As a bisexual man-"
Which followed by Tommy falling to the floor from laughing.
"Why would you want a leech up your ass?"
"As a bisexual man.."
by honkktea October 27, 2021
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