In IM conversations, users often send messages in haste and only afterwards notice a typographical error (shortened as typo). It is common practice to correct the typo by sending a subsequent message where the word CORRECTION precedes the correct word.
Dave: i haet trance

Dave: CORRECTION: i hate trance
by watsonmoss May 20, 2009
To look physically good. To be in good shape. To not be saggin' or a big person.
That shorty is looking mad correct. Check out Jazman, she's got much booy and a nice chest, now she's correct.
by Yo! Sunny Joe December 19, 2006
When a person uses the phrase " political correctiveness " in a sentence, trying to sound intelligent. When in fact, correctiveness is not a word at all.
Hey Bob, you should use more political correctiveness when speaking to Sally....
by MrsSnowflake December 29, 2011
1.The correct fact about Javy and Kelly is that Kelly loves Javy way more then javy loves her.
2.Kelly is always correct when javy is mean to her.
by Kellster December 10, 2006
the act of being 100% correct, without fail
The correctivity of that statement was most assuredly not a falsity of your imagination.
by AthySwizzleKenman55 March 29, 2010
1. She got the correct answer
2. Damn! That girl was correct!
by Jaguarzx5 April 29, 2004
A procedure which has consistently corrected a specific type of error.
by but for October 20, 2017