1. A verb, usually in reference to Trogdor, an internet icon
2. A burning sensation resulting from urination with an STD
1. Trogdor burninates the peasants!

2. It burninates when he urinates.
by Trogdor September 11, 2003
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"trogdor the Burninator"
A nocturnal* dragon from past times that burninates the Country-side

*"and then trogdor comes in the NIIIIIiiiiIIIIIiiiiGGGH!"
by Sofia May 31, 2003
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"Let me get the Burninator!!!", "I would love to use the Burninator this round"
by MitchTheTitch October 5, 2008
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To immolate violently and without just cause.
Trogdor burninates the countryside, and any peasant unfortunate enough to cross his path of wanton burnination.
by Stinko Man March 18, 2003
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v. To incinerate something at random without warning, usually by dragon. Commonly affiliated with pesants and the country side in general.
by TheBurninator January 7, 2004
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to have a STD
She burnin, don't fuck her
by Tiffany November 9, 2003
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