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He who cuts off ears, writes pulp fiction, and kills bill. Also writes epic speeches about Madonna songs and coffee...
Bow before the throne of Tarantino
by PetesWayUK October 01, 2003
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Proof from the mechanical world that good looks does not equal ability to do even the simplest tasks.
My PC may not look like that Mac, but at least I can watch my crap in peace.
by PetesWayUK July 03, 2003
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What Welsh people do for fun. Protecting them and caring for them, I mean.
Oi, yew, boyo! Get orf me moontain an' stop pesterin' me sheep!
by PetesWayUK August 10, 2003
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1. (noun) fur covered mammal from the central Pacific, walks upright and lives in a primitive civilisation

2. (verb) to pull a prank or practical joke

3 (adjective) very cool, dope, rocking, etc.
1. Blame in on the Woogie!

2. You've been woogie'd!

3. That is definitely woogie!
by PetesWayUK May 22, 2003
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1) Another "hilarious" dance craze loved by backwards folks all over. Imagine your enjoyment...

2) A truely disgusting yet highly addictive American substance
1)One, two, three, four, let me see your tootsie roll...

2)Oh man, that Tootsie Roll was soooo gross! Got any more?
by PetesWayUK October 05, 2003
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my shiny friend and bringer of chargrilled goodies...
If it wasn't for my toaster I'd have to eat regular bread.
by PetesWayUK August 10, 2003
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