198 definition by Peter

n. A person who is likened to a globular compound of spent semen.
Man, Ian really is a jizzwad. I wish he'd stop being such a cuntox assclown fucktard, the jizzwad that he is.
by Peter December 10, 2003

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1. a guy who has the BIGGEST COCK in the world and likes to get head and poonanny and some pooty at that,

2. a man who is horny as a mug and wants to see poonanny(VAGINA)
1. Damn, he must be a petay cause i can see his wang from here.

2. He is a petay cause i don't even no him and he grabbed my vagina.
by peter March 11, 2005

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fucken when ppl hu call themselves ur "friends" wanna be fuckheads and make up shit to chics and other ppl so they dont like ya. ppl like this should have spears thrown into their face by Peter. See GroinKing
"oooo bri, peter said ur a slut even though he didn't say shit and i was the one hu said that"
"oooo dont talk to peter, he's a fag, just forget bout him"
by Peter October 06, 2004

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sexually hot
The third cheerleader from the end is extremely fursh.
by Peter December 18, 2003

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Polish vodka known as Belvedere.Expensive with a grat taste.
After the Belve is propbably cris
by Peter March 31, 2005

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Having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective
"The ancient feasts of dreams will roar with remarkable queefs."

"The clouds of kaduka will determine the monthly skeet of justice."

"Facing the green leaf gorilla is inevitable for the doy will chew milk under the horizon"

"When the silly two by four umbrella c walks with monks, I shall fuck until the skies shit out watermelons"
by peter October 13, 2004

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Combination of "moron" and "Michael Moore", Hollywood activist.

Applied to political followers of Michael Moore.
"Uh oh. Here comes another protest group of communist 'Mooreons."
by Peter April 22, 2004

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