A special move only executed by rabbits in a moment of sheer rabbit joy during which there is a little leap and a simultaneous quick twist of their furry form which often takes them into a different direction altogether.
A binky is the undeniable signature of a happy rabbit!
by Dr Bunnygirl May 8, 2021
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"Post Hast Binky", not that the grim reaper would ever say that...
by SpadeFace November 2, 2004
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Man it's lonely here, let's go rent some lesbian binky.

Oh my goodness!!! Son I am hearing weird sounds from your room!! Are you watching binky?!

Dude I'm f*ckin smashed girrrllll, let's make a binky tape.

I'm bored, I'm gonna do the stranger while watching binky. (if you dont know what stranger is, look it up.)
by Chingo Blingg August 10, 2006
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a mooching, smelly, unsanitary person. This person may also be abnormally obese and showers seldom. The original binky was born and raised in the 80's in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn NY
That kid from 20th ave is a Binky.

Hey watup binky, u look terrible.
by Phil C - Brooklyn January 8, 2008
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the secret nickname of BL1NXx, known only to a select few.

also on the odd ocassion called blinky by the mole men.
Me "Hi binky how are you?"
Me "good good"
by d|g|ta| May 2, 2005
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An alter ego that some females are capable of unleashing, most commonly while under the influence of alcohol or other mind altering substances, generally resulting in someone getting hurt. The name derives from the infamous Binky the polar bear, famous for mauling Anchorage zoo visitors, on multiple occasions.

1. Dude! After everyone left last night, my bitch went straight Binky on me!
2. Uh Oh... Guys, I have to leave, it looks like Binky has come out to play!
by BinkyLover101 December 3, 2008
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Honky, stoned, mashed-out, zanky, splinky, bonky...basically when one has consumed too much Marijuana and thinks that they are a floating head without a body.
"Lewis is binky as usual"
by Lewis1983 June 2, 2005
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