69 definitions by Pete Dick

an individual who carries at least two cases of beer for the benefit of others.
The Cooker: "Pete Dick can be a real prick sometimes, but boy he is one useful beer mule."
TP: "Yep, you can always count on him to carry serious quantities of beer."
by Pete Dick March 05, 2008
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to conduct a sensitive discussion while striding up and down the block to avoid being overheard on those pesky eavesdropping devices.
Ever since the cops came and shook down Sammy Blue Eyes, I take a walk to discuss important business.
by Pete Dick February 17, 2008
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published by Griffin Investigations and containing photos, listed individuals are generally suspected of being, or known to be, either advantage players or outright cheaters at casino games. These individuals are perceived as a threat to a casino's profits and include those who use leal and illegal means including card counters, card markers, and those who attempt to cheat slot machines.
The Cooker: "damn, that dude bettin all that cash just got kicked out of the casino."
Pete Dick: "must be in the Griffin Book."
by Pete Dick March 30, 2008
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when a jovial older gentleman refuses to let the people around him buy drinks, often used to impress younger woman who are often just leading this older gentleman on in order to get free drinks themselves.
Pete Dick: "damn, is that Roberto over there?"
Sunny: "I think it is."
Pete Dick: "lets go buy him a drink, he's a good guy."
Roberto: "hey, fellas, wow good to see you."
Pete Dick: "let me buy you a drink..."
Roberto: "no, no, put your money away, its no good here, really."
Sunny: "wow, what a beautiful thing."
by Pete Dick March 21, 2008
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a smaller version of a charley horse.
Pizzamaker: "I am a ninja!"
Pete Dick: "Whatever..."
Pizzamaker (whacking Pete in the thigh): "Take that then!"
Pete Dick: "What the hell fuck face, you just gave me a chucky pony."
by Pete Dick March 12, 2008
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to take a huge shit in your own toliet that has been brewing for a while.
Kaleb: "Mom hurry up and get home!"
Pizzamaker: "Why hun?"
Kaleb: "Cause I gotta drop a Griffey."
by Pete Dick February 28, 2008
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a fart, or series of farts prior to dropping a Griffey.
Pete Dick: "I love my Griffey Junior!"
Jen: "What are you rambling about now?"
Pete Dick: "You can't smell that?"
Jen, rolling window down in zero degree weather: "I can now ass hole!"
by Pete Dick February 28, 2008
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