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Also known as "CPL," the Cost Per Lay is the amount of money a man spends to get laid.
Cook: "Hey, are you still dating that high maintenace bitch?"
Pete: "Yeah, she is killing me."
Cook: "Why, she's pretty hot?"
Pete: "Yeah she is but I have to take her out on expensive dates or she won't give me any."
Cook: "What's your Cost Per Lay?"
Pete: "Fuck, I dunno, at least a hundred bucks."
Cook (laughing): "Dude, your so fucked, dump that bitch!"
Pete: "Not before I tape myself nailing her."
Cook: "That'll be some expensive porn my good man..."
by Pete Dick February 10, 2008
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the nasty, extra smelly and sometimes explosive shits that occur following a hefty night of drinking.
TP: "Fuck I really tied one on last night!"
Pete Dick: "How you feel?"
TP: "Other than the day after drinking shits, pretty good."
Pete Dick: "delightful for ya"
by Pete Dick March 18, 2008
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sarcastic way of congradulating someone for something trivial.
TP: "I went jacking for beats and banged Coquet last night."
Pete Dick: "delightful for ya."
by Pete Dick March 13, 2008
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a method of descreetly feeling a woman's breast at a bar by placing your hand on your hip and turning so that your elbow brushes her chest.
Chad: "Watch this, I am gonna see if this chicks tits are real."
Pedro: "What?"
Chad (doing the motion and feeling up girl): "That's why they call me el wingador!"
Pedro: "Well are they real then?"
Chad (with shit eating grin): "Affirmative!"
by Pete Dick February 28, 2008
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a very accomplished pizza maker who is an expert dough tosser and pizza stretcher.
The Cooker: "How come we have to always do our jacking for beats at the Kirk Hotel?"
Pete Dick: "Because I have the hots for that dough acrobat that makes the pizzas."
The Cooker: "Dude, just do me a favor and don't piss her off like usual, we need her making those pizzas with love."
by Pete Dick March 13, 2008
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to take a huge shit in your own toliet that has been brewing for a while.
Kaleb: "Mom hurry up and get home!"
Pizzamaker: "Why hun?"
Kaleb: "Cause I gotta drop a Griffey."
by Pete Dick February 28, 2008
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a gun dropped by the cops at a shooting to cover up the killing of an unarmed suspect.
LeRoy: "You hear about Tyrone getting shot by the po-po."
Tinquin: "Fuck yeah, motha fucka"
LeRoy: "He wasn't packing."
LaTitia: "Yeah them mother fuckin cops just drop guns and point the finger at our boy."
Tinquin: "Bitch, shut the fuck up."
LeRoy: "Yeah, bitch stop lying."
LaTitia: "Wanna fuck?"
LeRoy and Tinquin: "Yeah, now I am gonna drop pants."
by Pete Dick February 28, 2008
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