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The moniker given to New York Governor Elliot Spitzer by the Emperor's Club VIP. Now used to talk about anyone of high social standing when situtations dictate discretion.
The Cooker: "You here about this situation with Gov. Spitzer?"
Pete Dick: "You mean client number nine?"
The Cooker: "Oh yeah, my bad."
by Pete Dick March 10, 2008

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empty boasting, arrogant pretension, a swaggering, cocky manner.
Cook: "Who's that loud fuck sitting across the bar."
Pete: "Oh, that's Adam."
Cook: "What a dickhead."
Pete: "Yeah, but in spite of all the braggadocio, I actually like the guy."
Cook: "Really?"
Pete: "No, really?"
by Pete Dick February 13, 2008

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term coined by the great Barry Switzer to describe someone who was born with a silver spoon in their mouth but has an arrogance and thinks their standing in life is because of their own doing.
The Cooker: "i hate hanging out at the Kirk Hotel with all of these arrogant, rich punks that think they are an international man of leisure."
Pete Dick (calling Oak the goon): "look dude, just focus on jacking for beats and I will take care of these fucks that were born on third base."
by Pete Dick March 21, 2008

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mobster jargon for killing someone.
Boss: "I heard you like to paint houses."
Thug: "Yes, and I do my own carpentry as well."
Boss: "Excellent
by Pete Dick February 17, 2008

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the slop that results from the drainage of draft beers at a bar into a bucket.
Pete Dick: "Dude, I wanna get drunk but I ain't got no cash."
The Cooker: "Just go down to the Kirk and drink the Pork Soda, you'll be feeling just fine."
Pete Dick: "Good Idea."
by Pete Dick February 17, 2008

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a person is a member of this club if they fit the following criteria:

1) they have achieved financial success because of their father's hardwork but think that they are some kind of business genius
2) they have a general arrogance and disdain for others
3) they think they put their pants on both legs at one time
4) they shit ice cream
5) they were born on third base and think they hit a triple
6) they are one of the dicks that show up at bars with their collars popped up
7) when in a fist fight, they often resort to kicking guys in the nuts then driving off in their shiney cars.
The Cooker: "Those kids over there are punks."
Pete Dick: "The ones with the popped collars?"
The Cooker: "Yeah, they are tossing cash around like crazy, and keep running to the bathroom."
Pete Dick: "oh, those pecker heads, no, they are just members of the lucky sperm club."
The Cooker: "humm, interesting..."
by Pete Dick March 21, 2008

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to agree with one of your running buddies with out appearing to be overly eager; usually used to end a coversation.
Pete Dick: "We gotta get out of here, there is no ass."
The Cooker: "Alright then..."
by Pete Dick February 16, 2008

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