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a way to describe something or an event that is cool, best when way over used.
TP: "Hey I can get out of the house today, lets go jacking for beats!"
Pete Dick: "wow, its a beautiful thing"
TP: "I can stay out the whole day, lets go to the Kirk Hotel"
Pete Dick: "its a beautiful thing"
TP: "I'll drive too, I got that new satellite radio with the 80s channel."
Pete Dick: "its a beautiful thing"
by Pete Dick March 15, 2008
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Pizzamaker: "I am a ninja!"
Pete Dick: "Whatever..."
Pizzamaker (whacking Pete in the thigh): "Take that then!"
Pete Dick: "What the hell fuck face, you just gave me a chucky pony."
by Pete Dick March 13, 2008
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the one guy in every social circle that has no social grace, manners or even a clue as to how big a fucking moron he is.
The Cooker: "Dude we need more people to play bathketball."
Chucky: "What about Freddie."
Pete Dick: "You mean Uncle Freddie, that retard, no way, I'd rather play with TP even if he can't dribble."
The Cooker: "Word, that guy is a dick, he won't even get socially lubricated at the Kirk Hotel afterward."
by Pete Dick March 19, 2008
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Time Per Lay--The time per lay is an index that measures how much time one spends to get in someone else's pants. The goal being to have as low a TPL as possible. Time Per Lay becomes more important the more money you make at your job. The logic being that you could in fact spend more to get laid more, but to make sense you must not have to take as much time out of your day to get laid.
Cook: "Hey have you banged that girl you have been seeing yet?"

Pete: "No, we have already gone out on three dates too!"

Cook: "Damn dude, that is going to ruin your TPL."

Pete: "Don't remind me ass hole!!!"
by Pete Dick December 28, 2007
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a list of women/men that one maintains who them desire to have sex with at some point in the future, but for some reason are presently unable to at this point. also known by an acronym of TBFL.
Pete: "You see that bartender?"
Cook: "Yeah, you fuck her?"
Pete: "No, she's loyal to her god damn boyfriend."
Cook: "What, that sucks."
Pete: "Dude, don't worry, I got her on the old To Be Fucked List."
Cook: "You are a wise man."
Pete: "Fortune favors the prepared penis."
Cook: "Your wisdom knows no boundries."
by Pete Dick February 14, 2008
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an abnormally large baby, a minature man from brussels.
The Cooker: "damn pizzamaker's kid is huge..."
Pete Dick: "yeah, he is the baby from brussels."
The Cooker: "humm, your right."
Pete Dick: "shut up and Irish yourself."
TP: "what are you guys talking about?"
by Pete Dick March 21, 2008
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Also Known As a PhD, a Pumkin Head Deluxe is an extreme beatdown of the head in particular in return a violation against your social group. The Pumkin Head Delux is used to keep disipline within the ranks.

Pete: "Did you hear what Freddie did to my sister?"
Jeff: "No, what did that ass hole do now?"
Pete: "He was suppossed to pick her up from the bar and drop her off at her house when she was all drunk. Instead he took her back to his house and fucked her while she was passed out."
Jeff: "Dude, that is fucked up, you need to give him a some education, maybe a PhD."
Pete: "You mean a Pumkin Head Deluxe? Damn, lets take a baseball bat to his mug."
Jeff: "Word..."
by Pete Dick January 4, 2008
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