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(February 18, 1950 – August 6, 2009, R.I.P.)
A famous American producer, writer, and film director. He scripted some of the most famous movies of the '80s and '90s, including Ferris Bueller's Day Off, National Lampoon's Vacation, Home Alone (1,2, & 3), 101 Dalmatians, Uncle Buck, Weird Science, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, and many more.

in other words.. a genius.

"I grew up in a neighborhood that was mostly girls and old people. There weren't any boys my age, so I spent a lot of time by myself, imagining things. And every time we would get established somewhere, we would move. Life just started to get good in seventh grade, and then we moved to Chicago. I ended up in a really big high school, and I didn't know anybody. But then The Beatles came along (and) changed my whole life. And then Bob Dylan's Bringing It All Back Home came out and really changed me. Thursday I was one person, and Friday I was another. My heroes were Dylan, John Lennon and Picasso, because they each moved their particular medium forward, and when they got to the point where they were comfortable, they always moved on. I liked them at a time when I was in a pretty conventional high school, where the measure of your popularity was athletic ability. And I'm not athletic - I've always hated team sports.
You've never heard of John Hughes, and you were born in the '90s? .. Are you kidding me?
by Person (: August 23, 2010
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The thick framed glasses that are now 'popular' and are seen being worn by many hipsters/people trying to be 'stylish'.

And they're actually called BUDDY HOLLYS/BUDDY HOLLY GLASSES.
Idiot: "Oh, I just love those nerd glasses, they are sooo trendyyy!"
Me: "You mean those Buddy Holly's?"
Idiot: "..Who the hell is Buddy Holly?"
Me: "*facepalm*"
by Person (: August 28, 2010
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Otitis externa (AKA 'swimmer's ear') is an inflammation of the outer ear and ear canal. The symptom is PAINNN |:
"Mike has otitis externa. He tried using earplugs but they broke in half."
by Person (: August 30, 2009
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