the "o" represents the eyes and the "u" represents the upper lip being placed over the bottom one making it look like a u shape..hence ouo
person 1: hey, whats up :D
person 2: im hungry ouo
person 1: ....... awkward O.O..
by resister July 21, 2011
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The "u" represents the smiling genital lips of a woman when it is surrounded by a pair of balls.
Woman: I'll cut off your balls.
Her cunt: (excited) Give them to me. OuO
by Babe laid January 04, 2017
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Very annoying form of "uwu". It seems sexual but it actually used to announce one's presence. You'll feel the urge to beat up people that this CURSED ouo but you won't do so because you love them. You'll just stay strong and hope that's over soon. The retarded ouo users will die eventually.
Person1: "KAWAII NE DESU?!"
Person2: "ouo"
Person1: "OH SHOT, YOU'RE HERE, TOO!1!1!1"
by A scared soul December 28, 2018
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